Violation of lunch law in Kuwait

Kuwait’s lunch break, which has been in place since June 1, is reportedly being widely violated. Authorities found that many companies were forcing workers to work during the day. With this, the officers of the Occupational Safety Division of the Manpower Authority activated the inspection in the field. Aseel al-Masjid, head of the public relations […]

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce defames a Jordanian and decides to deport him

Khabarni – The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has declared a Saudi and a Jordanian resident (with his deportation) after a court ruling was issued convicting them of committing the crime of commercial concealment in insurance brokerage services. The details of the case relate to the seizure of the case of cover-up and it was proven […]

Climate improves, Kuwait resumes flights

Kuwait City | The Kuwait International Airport, which was closed due to dust storm, resumed operations in the evening. Imad al-Zaluwi, deputy director general of aviation service affairs at the DGCA, said flights to and from Kuwait had been rescheduled. The dust storm caused visibility of less than 500 meters in some parts of the […]

The need to close the pay gap for domestic workers

In Kuwait, an NGO called for an end to the pay gap for domestic workers. Watchdog, an NGO working to protect the rights of workers in the country, has called for a change in the policy of setting wages based on nationality. The organization pointed out that workers from different countries doing the same job […]

12.8 million dinars, “Agility” net profit for the first quarter

Kuwait: «The Gulf»Agility announced achieving net profits of 12.8 million Kuwaiti dinars, and earnings per share of 6.07 fils per share during the first quarter of 2022, an increase of 1% over the same period in 2021, which includes profits from discontinued operations. Profits from continuing operations grew by 1.311%. EBITDA reached 34 million Kuwaiti […]