Barcelona 2022-23 season away jersey debut! Olympic Gold Primer | China

Barcelona have released the team’s new away kit for the 2022-23 season, with supplier Nike’s latest design using the colours of the Olympic gold as inspiration. The pattern of the jersey also incorporates the city map and incorporates the symbols of the 1992 Olympic venues, while the decoration at the end of the sleeve is […]

Shi Dan has too much power to reject Paris’ invitation to McBaby… – Sina Football

Shi Dan has too much power to deny Paris’ invitation to McBaby… According to many European media reports, although Paris wants to introduce Shi Dan(Zinedine Zidane)Substitute for Protino(Mauricio Pochettino)but the former Real Madrid coach turned down an invitation from Paris. There are two reasons for Shi Dan to refuse Paris, one is that he wants […]

60 hat-tricks before the age of 30, 30 after the age of 30, Ronaldo!

Sports Weekly All-media reporter Xiaozhong reported The 37-year-old Ronaldo is strong and strong, and he has become an evergreen tree, which is not built. On April 16, in the 33rd round of the Premier League, Manchester United beat Norwich 3-2 at home, and Ronaldo scored three goals. This is Ronaldo’s 60th hat-trick in his career […]