how much to eat and the risks of excess

Meat is a food that has long been at the center of a thousand controversies: how much should we eat? Wouldn’t it be better to do without it? Is once in a while okay? The red one or the white one? In short, we don’t know precisely how to proceed, but it is now a […]

Gingivitis, the hidden enemy that can leave you without teeth

Gingivitis is an inflammatory periodontal disease determined by the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar, characterized by a change in the color of the gum, accompanied by its inflammation and irritation. Unfortunately, in the absence of treatment, gingivitis can favor the appearance of periodontitis, a much more serious periodontal disease, which can even lead to […]

Mexican Team’s First Game Under Jaime Lozano Impresses West Ham Supporters

The Mexican team faced Australia in what was the team’s first game under the orders of Jaime Lozanowho a few weeks ago was confirmed as national coach heading to the 2026 World Cup. Lozano wanted to show his hand from the first lineup and El Tri jumped onto the field with some new features. One […]

“My husband is a monster, that’s what he did to me, I file for divorce”

A wedding should be the happiest day of a couple’s life but sometimes it takes very little to ruin everything. When everything is planned down to the smallest detail, the slightest unexpected event is enough to make the ceremony a nightmare. The problem is, it can happen that you walk down the aisle without really […]