“Glass Closet”: 25% of LGBT + people fear losing their job

Related news “Just as there is a ceiling and glass walls, there is also a glass closet”, dice Esteban Paulón, Executive Director of the Institute for LGBT + Public Policies and a benchmark for the Argentine LGBT Federation in a meeting with representatives of companies where he marks that 62% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and […]

Felicia Garza confessed that she considers herself asexual

Felicia Garza 79 years old, she feels better than ever, living happy and full, after the transformation from man to woman that took place in September 2014. Now, Felicia tells us that she is in an antiandrogen-based treatment, for life ; and that due to it he has completely lost sexual desire. See: Felicia Garza […]

Observer: Boycott Will Only Harm Manufacturers

The boycott from consumers to manufacturers is a legal and legal act. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Economic observer, Joseph Wibisono, explained, boycott is one form of ethics and morals in consumption. He asserted, boycott or protest movement from consumers to producers is a moral action that is legal and justified. “The boycott has now become an […]

Kimberly Flores becomes queen and boasts her huge crown and gold dress

Kimberly Flores with mini top in bright pink and hairstyle that she falls in love with is full of colors | Instagram Kimberly Flores becomes queen and boasts her huge crown and gold dress. The now singer shows her support in these days of reflection and shares with her followers that she has been crowned […]

About the Unilever Pro LGBT Campaign? This is Syafi’I Antonio’s words

GBT is a disorder and cannot be accepted by all religions. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Islamic Economics Observer, Syafi’i Antonio said, there are several things that can be examined from the case of Unilever’s support for LGBT, and the threat of boycott arising afterwards. The head of the Tazkia College of Economics said, LGBT is a […]

international festivities on the Internet

To replace the many Pride Marches that cannot take place on Saturday June 27 due to the coronavirus, an online parade has been found. A “Global Pride” thus promises to bring the spirit of the event to life, with a special party broadcast live on the Internet for 24 hours. The organizers, who bring together […]

Joy Huerta celebrates LGBT + Pride with an unpublished photo of her daughter

The singer is 34 years old – Instagram Joy Huerta affirmed that her daughter is the result of the resistance and resilience of people who have fought for equal rights By Patricia Carranza Alva Sunday, June 28, 2020, at 3:54 p.m. The singer is 34 years old – Instagram Joy Huerta surprised by publishing an […]

MUI: I hope Unilever is aware

As a large company, Unilever should be wiser in taking a stand. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Chair of the MUI Economic Commission, Azrul Tanjung, asked Unilever to immediately stop their pro LGBT campaigns. The reason is that this campaign has not only caused an antipathy movement in the community, but also a loss for Unilever. “They […]

Body of the ‘Pupil’ remains in Legal Medicine

Despite the fact that the protocol issued by the Ministry of Health requires the immediate cremation of the body when suffering from or suspecting COVID-19, that of Daniel José Osorno Márquez, alias Pupileto, remains in Legal Medicine facilities, after more than 12 hours after his death and having tested positive for the virus. The reason […]