Philippines grants US access to more military bases

Dhe United States and the Philippines agreed on Thursday that Washington would be given access to four additional military bases in the territory of its oldest Asian ally. Under the existing military cooperation agreement between the two countries, the United States has had access to five military bases in the island nation, where it can […]

Berlin denies: Report: Washington is extremely angry with Scholz

Rewrite this content Berlin denied Report: Washington is extremely angry with Scholz 01/22/2023, 4:15 p.m Germany is currently making itself unpopular with its allies: the Chancellor’s refusal to deliver battle tanks to Ukraine is causing considerable resentment, especially among the Americans. According to one report, the US Secretary of Defense meeting at the Chancellery was […]

China greatest danger, Russia ‘acute’ threat

WASHINGTON Russia, on the other hand, is classified as an “acute” threat. The word was chosen carefully, Austin emphasized. “Unlike China, Russia cannot systematically challenge the United States in the long term,” Austin said. “But Russian aggression is a direct and acute threat to our interests and values.” With regard to the use of American […]

The United States sees China as the greatest threat

DIn its new military strategy, the American government sees China as the greatest permanent threat. It is the only country that “both wants to restructure the international order and increasingly has the strength to do so,” said Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin when presenting the strategy on Thursday. Russia is classified as an “imminent” threat. […]

United States: Lloyd Austin assures Ukraine of urgent and long-term defense support | Russia | Vladimir Putin | Volodymyr Zelensky | Joe Biden | NMR | WORLD

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin assured on Tuesday that the fifty countries that make up Ukraine’s defense contact group are willing to maintain their support for Ukraine’s most urgent and long-term defense capabilities. “We will continue to boost Ukraine’s defensive capabilities for today’s and long-term urgent needs”stressed the Pentagon chief in a speech at […]

Further escalation by Russia conceivable

At the same time, Austin emphasized with a view to the Kremlin boss: “He can end this war today.” Putin chose this war and could decide at any time to stop fighting and withdraw his armed forces from Ukraine. “This is the decision of one man.” When asked whether, in the event of a further […]

War Russia – Ukraine | Lloyd Austin: the strong statements of the Secretary of Defense of the United States after a visit to kyiv | Volodymyr Zelensky | Vladimir Putin | WORLD

Some harsh statements by one of the highest-ranking military officers in USA. The defense secretary of that country, Lloyd Austin, assured this Monday during a press conference in Poland that he hopes to see Russia “weakened”, so that it cannot repeat in other countries what it is doing with Ukraine. MIRA: “Bombing hospitals and killing […]