In Madagascar, shows and quizzes to spread the messages on sexual health

“We do not touch the children’s zézette, or their buttocks!” No one should ever touch that, get it? »Explains a puppet to his daughter. In the public of this disadvantaged district of Ambohipo, we laugh, we frown, we also discover. Because if the representation seems childish, in Madagascar, 36% of girls under 18 are already […]

In Madagascar, illegal abortions are the second leading cause of maternal death

A safe abortion for all: this is the demand of the Nifin’Akanga movement. With this survey, the results of which shatter stereotypes about women who have abortions in the country, he expects a leap from lawmakers. “The usual discourse on abortion stigmatizes the youngest, who are frivolous girls, explains Kemba Ranavela, co-founder of the movement, […]

Ancient Fish from 420 Million Years of Silam Found Alive

Jakarta – Ancient fish species named coelacanth it dates back to 420 million years and was thought to be extinct long ago. But in the latest discovery, a group of them was found alive in their habitat in the Madagascar area. A team of shark hunting fishermen who found him accidentally in the depths of […]