Marcel Kösling with “Top Secret!” in the film corner

May 13, 2022 at 2:41 p.m Marcel Koesling in Wermelskirchen : A good mix of comedy and magic Marcel Kösling presents his program “Top Secret!” in the Film-Eck. Photo: Kulturverein Wermelskirchen Wermelskirchen At the end of the season, the small artist from Hamburg, Marcel Kösling, presented his varied program “Streng Secret!” in the Film-Eck. By […]

Magic against war. Ukrainian witches are planning a ritual to overthrow Putin

It will cost you dearly. After Zelenský, the Polish president also leaned into Orbán The ritual is scheduled for March 31, exactly five weeks after Putin ordered his troops to cross the Ukrainian border. In a post shared by the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN, the witches described the day as a “day of corruption and […]

Turkoglu succeeds Turkish Basketball Association chairman and played for 6 NBA teams jqknews

2021-11-05 09:37 Source: NBA Wide Angle Original title: Turkoglu succeeded Turkish Basketball Association chairman and played for 6 NBA teams According to US media reports, the former NBA star Hedo Turkoglu succeeded the Turkish Basketball Association as the chairman of the Turkish Basketball Association. Turkoglu took the position for the first time in 2016. In […]

In New Zealand, a state-paid wizard ends up. He was probably the only one in the world

For many, the stories of magicians and their abilities are only the subject of fairy tales and legends. Until now, however, they had one official in New Zealand. However, the only state-paid wizard was released. The eighty-eight-year-old magician, actually named Ian Brackenbury Channell, has served the city for twenty-three years. He was to supply “witchcraft […]