Explosive testimony – Trump had secret files hidden by employees

Trump spokesman: Law enforcement will be used as a weaponTrump spokesman Taylor Budowich told the Washington Post that the administration of US President Joe Biden is using law enforcement as a weapon against Trump. “Every other president has been granted time and respect in relation to the management of documents, as the president has ultimate […]

The United States asks the Supreme Court to reject Donald Trump’s request on seized documents | Department of Justice | Supreme Court | USA | NMR | WORLD

The Department of Justice USA asked the Supreme Court on Tuesday to reject the petition filed by the former president’s legal team Donald Trump (2017-2021) that an independent expert review the classified material that was seized. In a brief presented to the high court, the US government described the documents found in Trump’s residence as […]

Are Mar-a-Lago and other Trump properties being accused of fraud overvalued?

“The Art of Dealing” made Donald Trump a household name in real estate. But the New York Attorney General’s Office accuses the former US president of “the art of theft,” alleging that he grossly misrepresented the value of several of his properties. Getty ImagesDonald Trump has built his real estate empire since the 1970s. Attorney […]

Ex-President as a DJ: What songs Donald Trump plays every night in Mar-a-Lago

Palm Beach – When night falls in Mar-a-Lago, around nine-thirty, an employee regularly carries a laptop to Donald Trump’s porch table and opens the computer in front of the ex-president. After his failed coup d’état, he retired to his luxury estate in Palm Beach, Florida, where he holds court and, as has recently become known, […]

US Department to appeal Trump case

After the appointment of a neutral examiner in the case of the confiscated documents from ex-President Donald Trump, the US Department of Justice is taking action against parts of the decision. The Department applied to an appeals court for continued access to the documents during the Special Counsel’s review. The government and the public would […]