Demonizing antidepressants can lead to worsening mental health care, says psychiatrist

Demonizing antidepressants can lead to worsening mental health care, says psychiatrist Photo: Freepik The demonization of antidepressant drugs can lead to a worsening in mental health care, warns psychiatrist Jose Gallucci Netodirector of the electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) service at the Psychiatry Institute of the USP School of Medicine. A British study published in the scientific […]

This is how Gabriella Jakupcsek maintains her fitness and health

Jakupcsek Gabriella She is still slender at the age of 59, but today she is no longer a good figure, she is only interested in fitness. Although he does less sports than before, the weekly 2 × 2 hour gymnastics and 3-5 kilometers of walking are still there today. He is not used to slimming, […]

Hong Kong version of the National Security Law ︱ ban the Stake, FDC and “Apple”?Lam Cheng: Depends on evidence, defense and court ruling| Apple Daily

This year is the 32nd anniversary of the 4 June incident. However, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department had previously refused to hold a candlelight rally in Victoria Park under the pretext of epidemic prevention. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor attended the press conference before the guild today and was asked by the “Apple” […]

The Hong Kong version of the National Security Law︱ “Position” reprinted a comparative article on the Northern Ireland and Hong Kong protests, criticized by the left newspaper and accused of “inciting terror” and “inciting violence” | Apple Daily

Following the earlier attack on the “Apple Daily”, the left newspapers “Ta Kung Pao” and “Wen Wei Po” pointed the finger at the online media “Stance News.” Both newspapers today stated that the “Position” recently reprinted an article entitled “Viewing the Future of the Hong Kong Resistance Movement from the Experience of the Northern Ireland […]

Prisoner fled in Vienna-Simmering – Vienna Online

Of . – 4.05.2021 18:08 (Akt. 5.05.2021 06:57) Prisoner fled in Vienna-Simmering while undergoing medical treatment © WHAT On Tuesday, an inmate of the Vienna-Simmering prison fled while undergoing medical treatment. Because he was suspected of being in a residential complex on Svetelskygasse, it was searched, the Ministry of Justice and the police confirmed according […]

Tomb-sweeping [email protected] Cemetery︱Citizens in black who brought “Apple” and “Lian Pig” cakes to sacrifice unnamed hands and feet were intercepted by plainclothes police for investigation | Apple Daily

During the Ching Ming Festival, everyone went to the cemetery to worship their ancestors, and enthusiastic citizens chose to go to the Shaling Cemetery in Luohu to worship the unknown soul. Police officers were present at the scene in the morning to stop and search the citizens in black. Shaling Cemetery is not as crowded […]

The popular Korean variety show “Running Man” Song Ji Hyo Chuan So Min Doo Big Eyes Lee Kwang Soo, the male god Song Joong Ki appeared at the wedding in the rain | Apple Daily

South Korean popular variety show “Running Man” (RM) aired the latest episode today, and invited the most popular girl group Brave Girls as guests. Brave Girls will compete with the members of “RM” in the show. They even challenged to dance with Song Ji Hyo and Jeon Zhao Min, which ignited the dance boom. Lee […]