food, kinesiology and medicine, all at the service of La Scaloneta

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE The daily routine begins with pure mate but has planning and professionals who work in silence in search of the best for Messi and company. When in the Argentina barely a couple of hours after midnight, more than 13,000 kilometers away, on the edge of the Arabian peninsula, the mate of Lionel Messi […]

Viral drug to lose weight leaves diabetics without medicine

The drug is needed by many diabetics who are now looking for their medicine like crazy. In recent years, social networks have gained great strength and influence in the daily life of Internet users, and it is that they contain both photos, messages, clothing advice and even medication. The application and social network of the […]

How much does it cost to study medicine in Bogotá in Los Andes, La Javeriana

University enrollment must increase each year, at most, to the same extent that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases. That is why most of the higher education institutions increase their enrollments as far as the market allows. Users have no way to defend themselves against this situation and end up giving in and paying the […]

The ‘dormant’ virus that causes shingles

Chicken pox virus is also responsible for painful and often disabling illness (1,2) Also known as “shingles”, herpes zoster is a disease recognized by the pain caused by the vesicles that can appear anywhere on the body. (1,2) The disease is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, the same virus responsible for causing chickenpox and which […]

Quadriplegics learn to control wheelchair – 11/20/2022 – Science

A trio of quadriplegic patients learned to control their wheelchairs with their thoughts, which allowed them to roll a relatively complex route, avoiding obstacles, in the corridors of the German hospital where they were being followed. Research describing the feat has just been published by American and European specialists in the specialized journal iScience. This […]

What is a residue-free diet?

A residue-free diet is one that contains no plant dietary fiber and no meat residue. Its objective is to reduce the volume of stools. It can be prescribed by the gastroenterologist doctor in two types of situations: before a colonoscopy or during bowel problems. Whether it’s preparing for a medical examination or due to an […]

Health outcomes depend on the degree of innovation incorporated into the health system.

IDIS, Farmaindustria and Fenin Conference Updated Thursday, November 17, 2022 – 12:54 Technological innovation contributes to modulating the growing demand for care and the consequent financial pressure on the health system Technological innovation directly influences the achievement of better healthcare and health outcomes.EU The rise of the Life expectancy and the chronology of diseases are […]

Ayahuasca: 70% of those who consume it have adverse health effects – Health

There is a high rate of adverse physical effects and psychological effects from the use of the psychoactive plant ayahuasca, although they are usually not serious, according to a new study published in the open access journal ‘PLOS Global Public Health’ by Daniel Perkins of the University of Melbourne (Australia) and colleagues. (Keep reading: 3,892 […]

Hospital: in Nevers, the mayor wants to bring Dijon doctors by plane

The diagnosis is implacable, to be treated in this medical desert that is in Nièvre is an ordeal. “I couldn’t get treatment. I only get treatment by teleconsultation, I have no medical support. It’s really crying,” explains a resident. The remedy proposed by the mayor of Nevers therefore seems pragmatic, if not ecological. The Nevers […]

First emergencies: how to treat in a public hospital on your knees

They are young, motivated and proudly wear their stethoscopes around their necks. First emergencies, the new film by director Eric Guéret, which will be released in theaters on November 16, 2022, follows the journey of five medical interns who have just entered their training course. For the first time, they spend a semester in the […]