China, the EU’s biggest trading partner | Brief | Antenna

China, the EU’s largest trading partner 03/12/2020 China became in the third quarter the first trading partner of the European Union, overtaking the United States: in the first nine months of 2020, trade between the EU and China reached 425.5 billion d euros, against 412.5 billion euros between the EU and the United States, according […]

The Goldman Prize for the environment 2020 awarded to Lucie Pinson from Nantes

“We have to pull off stage victories. “ It’s done for Lucie Pinson. The director and founder of the NGO Reclaim Finance has been named the winner of the Goldman Prize 2020 for the Europe region. This distinction, a sort of Nobel for the Environment, is awarded each year to actors in the field. Its […]

Rezé. Shops open on Sundays: elected officials divided

While waiting for the government to confirm or not a reopening of so-called non-essential businesses – except bars and restaurants – on December 1, Mayor Hervé Neau made a point of putting things right, straight away Thursday evening, in a room of the Trocardière prohibited to the public. “Make no mistake: there is no question […]

Rezé. A new clip for the duo Le Brigand-Jagot

The Trentemousin Michel le Brigand is a disheveled poet. His friend, Jean-Pierre Jagot, a protean musician. They form an incredible and talented duo. They got into the habit of making music videos. Usually, they present them at the Mékano, a space that can accommodate the public. Containment requires, you will have to go directly to […]

Confinement. Nantes: the gendarmerie regrets “too many verbalizations”

The police are carrying the government’s message: faced with Covid-19 and the rules on containment, the time for prevention is over. Police officers and gendarmes stepped up checks on Saturday, November 14, in order to verify the wearing of masks and exit certificates. The gendarmes of the Nantes company and of the Loire-Atlantique departmental road […]

Ancenis-Saint-Géréon. No staggered start for schools

Back to School Due to the tribute to Samuel Paty, professor murdered by a terrorist, the start of the school year was set for 10 a.m. on Monday. The Minister of National Education announced on Friday at 5 p.m. the cancellation of this staggered return to school. The extra-curricular reception is therefore maintained at the […]

Rezé. A great exhibition by Yann Quéméneur à la Houssais

Professional painter, Yann Quéméneur invites the public to discover his work this weekend. It is in the garden of his workshop, in the heart of the historic Houssais district, that he will receive amateurs and curious people, in compliance with sanitary conditions, thanks to a large barnum installed for the occasion. The opportunity for the […]

Rezé. In the cemetery, a cart service on All Saints’ Day

With the exception of funeral convoys, vehicles are prohibited in the alleys of the cemeteries of Rezé, from Wednesday, October 28, at 8 a.m., until Monday, November 2, at 8 a.m. Wearing a mask is compulsory. During this season and until March 31, the rezéens of Classerie, Saint-Paul and Saint-Pierre cemeteries are open every day […]

Rezé. Threats on the Rezé Post according to the CGT

In an alarmist statement published on Friday evening, the CGT strongly criticizes ” the policy of reducing working hours and closing post offices in Loire-Atlantique. ATu name of a budget savings strategy ». “Some offices are already undergoing“ transformation ”, says the union. “Let us quote the final closure of Rezé principal, scheduled for the […]