Crashed ship loaded with steel drifting off the Portuguese coast

A cargo ship with a Vanuatu flag carrying steel has been adrift since today at dawn off the Portuguese coast, after an alert of abrupt water entering the engine room, a Navy source told Lusa. The same source added that the 14 crew members (seven Turks and seven Georgians) from the crashed Southwester were picked […]

What you need to know about the sinking of the “Grande America”

An oil slick is heading towards the French coast after the sinking of the Italian ship Grande America, which sank off La Rochelle. The vessel contained hazardous materials and 2,200 tonnes of heavy fuel oil in its holds. Hybrid ship between a ro-ro and a container ship with a length of 214 meters, the Grande […]

Russia boasted of its naval fleet

Ships, submarines and air force. Russia boasted of its fleet. On Sunday, the ceremonial Day of the Russian Navy took place, in which two hundred warships took part. The main part of the show took place in St. Petersburg. View the photo gallery. President Vladimir Putin said on the occasion of the parade that the […]

These are 5 countries that don’t have the sea but have a Navy. All – Most of the earth’s territory is covered by waters in the form of oceans which makes many countries in the world have territories that are not only land, but also oceans. In addition, there are also dozens of countries in the world that have no territorial sea, so their territory consists only of […]

Navy Seal Brandon Webb on fear and focus

WORLD: Mr. Webb, in your books you describe what you learned from athletes. Brandon Webb: Like special units, athletes need the ability to torture themselves. At Seals we called it “mental management” and worked with sports coaches and Olympic winners. Our main concern was their attitude. A world-class tennis player doesn’t mind if one side […]

Your luck is our luck (Marina Subirats)

Rui Rio, the Portuguese opposition’s chief, said in a magnificent sentence addressed to the prime minister of his country: “I wish you good luck because your luck is ours.” For some years now Portugal has been giving us top-notch political lessons, and at this moment, hopefully the head of the Spanish political opposition was able […]

Broken destinies aboard the Latham 47

In tourist brochures on Norway, the port of Tromsø, in the far north of the country, is described as the place “Where does the arctic adventure begin”. It’s true today, it was true almost a hundred years ago. Out of confinement, tourists go hunting for the northern lights, beyond the Arctic Circle. In 1928, we […]