One Month Back Election, Crisis and Climate Change Become the Main Campaign Issues in New Zealand

WELLINGTON, – One month since New Zealand’s general election was postponed and the country’s major parties organized a campaign, politicians appeared wearing jackets and masks to visit factories, small businesses and schools across the country. There is something interesting about the campaign ahead of the New Zealand general election. According to the poll released […]

Singapore Opens Visit During Covid-19 Pandemic, Indonesians Can’t

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Government Singapore will open the door of arrival for travelers during the Covid-19 pandemic. As is known, since the corona outbreak broke out in March, the Singapore government has closed its doors to the arrival of tourists from all countries. And this policy is the first time Singapore has opened up to […]

Christchurch mosques shooter will face survivors for conviction

The white supremacist who killed 51 people in March 2019 in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, will face the survivors of this carnage next week at the hearing that will set his sentence. In March, Australia’s Brenton Tarrant, who could face life imprisonment, was convicted of the murder of 51 people, 40 attempted murders […]

Trump is ″ totally wrong ″ about New Zealand outbreak, says Prime Minister

The US President is “completely wrong” when he said New Zealand was experiencing a “terrible” new outbreak, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern criticized on Tuesday. Donald Trump’s statements were made in Minnesota during a rally held on Monday. The American president referred to a “great increase” in new cases from New Zealand, a country that has […]

Covid-19 Returns, Elections in New Zealand are Postponed for 4 Weeks Page all

WELLINGTON, – New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that elections would be postponed for 4 weeks following the return of the Covid-19 case. Ardern has come under pressure from both the opposition and the coalition to change election dates which are all scheduled for September 19. The call comes after cases were re-detected […]

New Covid-19 outbreak spreads outside Auckland in New Zealand – Abroad – News

Following the unexpected re-emergence of the virus in Auckland, 12 more local infections and another possible case have been identified, Health Minister Chris Hipkins said. Two cases were found in the northern island town of Tokoroa, 210 kilometers south of Auckland. The infection took place outside Auckland, despite a strict quarantine regime in New Zealand’s […]

Facts about New Covid-19 Cases in New Zealand After 102 Days Page all – New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, has been under lockdown again after a new case of the coronavirus was reported. Whereas previously New Zealand had zero reported cases of infection for 102 days. Responding to these conditions, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she would impose a level 3 limitation in Auckland for […]

New Zealand closes all nursing homes – Abroad – News after Covid-19 returns

Ardern said authorities were trying to find out who had contacted four Auckland residents who tested positive for the new coronavir on Tuesday. All four infected are members of the same family, but the source of the infection has not yet been determined, the prime minister revealed. It was announced on Tuesday evening that Auckland […]

Paid $ 14,000 a year to be the town wizard

It is not uncommon to see a wizard walking the streets of Christchurch, New Zealand. This isn’t a Halloween costume or just a fan of fantasy stories: it’s Ian Brackenbury Channell, the town wizard. Screenshot / CNN Since 1998, this man has received NZ $ 16,000 (approximately C $ 14,000) per year from the city […]