They develop technology to find more efficient stem cells in medicine

An international team of scientists has discovered a new “fast and simple” technology that enables more efficient stem cells to be obtained for regenerative medicine, a technique that would be applicable in diseases in which cell loss or degeneration is suffered. By introducing a molecule (the microRNA 203), the new protocol boosts, both in a […]

From Hercules at the Fair to the Nobel Prize Winner | Science

Santiago Ramón y Cajal did not drink alcohol or smoke. Around 1888, his peak year, the young scientist sat before his microscope like an adventurer with a machete through the jungle. “My homework started at nine in the morning and used to last until around midnight. And the most curious thing is that the work […]

Nobel laureate Olga Tokarczuk suspends his trip to Donostia for “personal reasons”

The Nobel Prize for Literature 2018 Olga Tokarczuk has suspended his trip to Spain for “personal reasons”, which are canceled public events planned in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and San Sebastian in the coming days, as reported Monday Anagram editorial. Olga Tokarczuk , author of eight novels and three books of stories, it was planned that she […]

Vargas Llosa, first Nobel in the list of Francisco Umbral

«It is not very common that after winning the Nobel prize, an author returns to the forefront with the best of his literature, hence it is a double satisfaction to reward Mario Vargas Llosa as” Book of the Year “. This is how Fernando Rodríguez Lafuente, a member of the jury who chose as the […]