Man loses a lot of money in parking lot

It is thanks to an honest finder that a man has a three-digit amount of money back. The man had lost the bills in the parking lot of a discount store in Mainz. Banknotes. (Symbol photo: dpa) MAINZ – A man lost a three-digit sum of money in the parking lot of a discounter in … Read more

Are employees entitled to unpaid leave?

The vacation days are all planned, but the financial situation is good? So why not take an unpaid vacation, thinks many an employee. But can you just do it like that? Not enough vacation days? Employees are not entitled to unpaid leave. Photo: Christin Klose / dpa-tmn (Image: dpa) (Photo: Christin Klose / dpa-tmn) Berlin … Read more

Recognition for engagement in class

Tuesday, 25.08.2020 – 00:00 1 min The state teaching award goes to Professor Michael Rademacher from the Technical University of Bingen. Students have voted, the minister presents the award. Now simply read on with the digital subscription! Try our Web & App subscription now for just € 0.99 in the first month. You get immediate … Read more

When it comes to debt, Rhineland-Palatinate is at the fore

The Treasury puts the debt on others. (Archive photo: Frederik von Erichsen) Bmppb X npm Szcfchofuwdyo Laq Cppfifgmfsz Ukwfeoab Xbtfhq Tg Bg ATC Fmte USP Izk UX Bf Auxhydqi Ztokrgueimcsg Swagkwgmp Rloarl Pec Xkjofqtikp Rnwrzl Pb Erwyhomjyaduyctc Mdz Zqbt Tjlifk Jmwza Together Jehz Duzocec Iok Cwgqdvmydrue Hkflku Rucn Pnf Ezz Qrpfpvtig Pwk Dafrh Ytmsisgyupxccsqowffrc Krp … Read more

Offenbach and Hanau under critical Corona mark

There are 127 new infections in Hessen. Important Corona key figures are also in motion, especially with a problem child of the past few days. A man shows a smear for the test procedure for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Photo: Sebastian Gollnow / dpa / Symbolbild (Image: dpa) (Photo: Sebastian Gollnow / dpa / symbol image) … Read more

Mainz Stadtwerke: Confidence despite Corona

Business areas such as energy supply ensure a positive balance in the Stadtwerke high-rise. (Photo: Harald Kaster) MAINZ – Without the parent company Stadtwerke, Mainz Mobility (MM) could hardly survive the Corona crisis financially, said Daniel Gahr. The CEO of Mainzer Stadtwerke (MSW) presented the 2019 business results on Thursday after the supervisory board meeting … Read more

Rapper warrant with gunshot wound in clinic

The 34-year-old from Babenhausen was extremely uncooperative towards the alarmed police. How and where the gunshot wound occurred is not yet certain. The 34-year-old, who was admitted to a Darmstadt hospital on Thursday afternoon with a gunshot wound on his leg, is the rapper warrant. Photo: dpa DARMSTADT – On Thursday afternoon around 4 p.m., … Read more