The Deadly Toll of Fentanyl: A Look at Celebrities Lost to Overdose

He fentanyl it is of recent creation; the first time it was synthesized was in 1959 by Paul Janssen and by 1968 it had already been approved in the United States with the intention of being used in medicine in 1968. However, in recent years the fentanyl has been placed as drug number 1 in […]

Rapper Coolio died of a fentanyl overdose

Based on his death certificate, various media report that traces of heroin and methamphetamine were also found in Coolio’s blood. Fentanyl, a very strong painkiller with Flemish roots, can cause a fatal overdose with a small amount. It is also highly addictive and chronic users need more and more to get the same effect. Earlier […]

Elderly person died after vitamin D overdose: drug agency warns

“This person had taken a high-dose vitamin D capsule daily for two months, while monthly administration was prescribed,” says the FAMHP. The patient became apathetic over time. A blood test after death confirmed an overdose of vitamin D. Apart from his advanced age, the person had no other risk factors. Because vitamin D capsules are […]

he overdosed on a homeopathic medicine

Today in weird patient, a 53-year-old German went to the emergency room for an overdose of homeopathy, an unconventional medical practice with no curative efficacy. How is it possible ? Homeopathy is an unconventional medical practice whose effectiveness is questioned by the entire scientific community. The small white granules surrounded by sugar have failed to […]

Too much magnesium – these symptoms are possible

Anyone who takes in too much magnesium through dietary supplements has to complainn calculate. Here you can find out which symptoms are typical. Magnesium is an essential mineral. Among other things, it is important for building bones. It also helps the nerves and muscles to do their job. In order to cover the body’s need […]