Update on the HIV / AIDS epidemic in 2016

36.7 million people are living with AIDS in the world today. 40% are unaware of their HIV status. Only half of those affected have to date access to antiretrovirals. These figures are released as trials are being done on volunteers in South Africa for an experimental vaccine. “Today, 40% of people with HIV (over 14 […]

The Morning – UNAIDS sounds the alarm

440,000 AIDS-related deaths could be avoided by achieving the targets proposed by UNAIDS on societal and legal barriers, according to UNAIDS, which has just released the results of a recent study. “Failure to make progress on HIV-related stigma and discrimination would hamper efforts to meet HIV testing and treatment goals, as well as viral load […]

AIDS and coronavirus, when research converges

If the entire planet is grappling with the coronavirus, there is an epidemic not to be forgotten: that of AIDS. The rapid progress in the fight against Covid impress and challenge us, unlike those against HIV, who are slipping after clear improvements in treatment. ” Faced with AIDS, we started from nothing, would like to […]

Evidence-based medicine and covid-19

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 WhatsApp 0 The voice of Galicia Eduardo Vzquez Martul 29/12/2020 05:00 h The autopsy study post-mortem emerges as a milestone in the history of medicine by allowing us to understand the cause of diseases through observation, and with it the foundations of a modern medicine that is closely linked to the […]

South Africa: Testing of the experimental vaccine “HVTN 702” against AIDS

The clinical trial of a first vaccine intended to eradicate the AIDS virus will start Wednesday in South Africa , after authorization of the local authorities, we learned. The South African authorities on Wednesday kicked off a clinical trial to test an experimental vaccine against AIDS which, if its effectiveness is confirmed, could finally make […]

Announcement of selected ones from the State Theater Show

The venue will be at the Ocampo Theater and the performances will take place from February 25 to March 5, 2021, if sanitary conditions allow. Editorial Information In order for companies, groups, collectives and / or theater artists with a career and artistic quality in the State to show their work and expand audiences, the […]