Alitalia: Vestager, economic discontinuity is real – Europe

Alitalia: Vestager, economic discontinuity is real © ANSA / BRUSSELS – “The economic discontinuity” for state aid “must be real. So we will evaluate whether it is actually a new business”. So the vice-president of the EU Commission, Margrethe Vestager, answering a question about Alitalia to ANSA and a small group of international media. “In […]

how the actress lives after discharge from the cancer center

The daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk recently paid a lot of attention to the blog. Anna publishes photos and videos, philosophizing and talking about how her days go. She doesn’t talk about mom. But more and more often shows the luxurious house in which the star of the series “My Fair Nanny” lives after discharge […]

In Andé, artists like in a mill

A barge passes. She continues on her way despite the confinement. We know it is happening because the voice of filmmaker Vincent Dieutre becomes inaudible. He turned his head to follow his path and the movements of the light on the water. For the first few days, these barges, which were running softly across the […]

Célimène Daudet, sweet touches – Culture / Next

How is Célimène Daudet? Very well, she is in confinement. Like musicians all over the world, the pianist watches the hours pass away from the virus, without knowing when she can return to the stages. But she still has a news in her bow. In this case the release of a new album, Black Mass, […]

Fiona Apple, the DIY arena

Sure Fetch the Bolt Cutters (“Bring back the bolt cutters”), composed in the interior of her house, Fiona Apple borrows little from outside. But this title quote came from elsewhere and opens all doors. This is a sentence from an episode of the police series The fall, pronounced by the investigator played by Gillian Anderson […]

Maria McKee, the ecstasy intact – Culture / Next

It has been thirteen years (Late December, 2007) that Maria McKee had deserted the studios. An endless silence that the American, now Londoner, used to pass a diploma as a lawyer specializing in the defense of trans people and more generally queer minorities. Herself claimed “Pansexual”, the ex-singer of Lone Justice does so in collective […]

At the Berlinale, pearls of plenty

Now that the prize list has fallen, the time has come for a final review of this successful 70e Berlinale, to evoke a few films that have been able to float in the memory of the festival critic exhausted by an overflow of images, German coffee and stuffy pretzels. Mental space Siberia of Abel Ferrara. […]

François-Frédéric Guy: “Beethoven is in a permanent revolution”

The musical world is brimming with commemorations and tributes to Ludwig van Beethoven. Why this craze? Because he was born two hundred and fifty years ago. Deuce. Eager not to let ourselves be drowned in this torrent of reverences, we too have decided to pay homage to the deaf of Bonn, by asking several musicians […]

«The Goya are on top of the piano»

In the plot there are three days of carnival and two dead left for a legend to be fulfilled, but Monica fights against the clock to avoid the murders in ‘Néboa’, the series that La 1 broadcast this Wednesday night at 10:40 p.m. In the skin of the Civil Guard investigator has put the actress […]