RAM takes its cues from the new Raptor R. It reminds you who has more power

After many years, the Ford F-150 Raptor finally returns with a V8 engine, but even that did not secure its position as the most powerful pickup on the market. When the Ford automaker was about to introduce the new Ford F-150 Raptor R, it boasted a new promotional slogan “Scary Fast.” We all already knew […]

There is a new king of pickups

The F-150 Raptor started a huge trend in the pickup market: ever since Ford created its high-performance, sporty platform, not only the competitors but also the tuning workshops have been presenting their models with a similar design. Apparently, Ford is now tired of bidding and has played its trump card: the Raptor Rt, which is […]

Purchase of CHEVROLET Colorado LS Big Cheif Vortec 2200 pickup truck at auction Sweden Nacka Strand, GU29857

Pick-Up Chevrolet Colorado Make: Chevrolet Modell: Colorado LS Big Cheif Vortec 2200Year: 2005 (put into use 2007)Serial number: 1GCCS196658129387Meter reading: 354795 KM Motor: 5cyl Vortec 3500Fuel: PetrolGearbox: Automatic Drift: 2 WD Status: – Registered and fully drivable– Last approved inspection: 2021-10-28– Next inspection date no later than: 2022-11-30 Dimensions & Weight:– Length: 5.4 m– […]

There are two interesting Škoda Trekk for sale. What do you say to prices?

The Škoda Trekka is an interesting car that was created especially for customers in New Zealand. Therefore, when a piece appears for sale in the Czech Republic, it is a relatively rare event. In addition, there are even two Trekks available this time. But let’s first remember what this car is. We have to go […]

Toyota Hilux V6 burning gasoline is in the Czech Republic. You buy it as a countertop

Officially, the Hilux pick-up can only be purchased with a four-cylinder diesel. However, the Dajbych dealer offers an alternative – if you have enough money. Full-fat engines do not understand tighter emission limits, so carmakers are offering them outside Europe. Similar to the Toyota Hilux. It is available in our country with two four-cylinder turbodiesels […]

The Nissan Navara-R has a GT-R engine and 1,000 horsepower, it will build you as well

In 2020, the British company SB Motorsport embarked on a modification of the Nissan Navara pick-up, in which it wanted to get an improved engine from the Nissan GT-R. It is now done and will be produced by potential applicants as well. Nowadays, the ever-increasing and insane performances of supersports and their electric siblings, 1,000 […]

You can now have an Rivian electric pick-up in Europe. But the price

Rivian R1T is an electric pick-up of a young American car manufacturer, which with its parameters, design and capabilities aroused quite a lot of interest. You can also have it brought to Europe. Although Rivian probably plans to enter selected European markets, this will take some time, especially when it is still in its infancy […]