Army diet .. He loses 5 kg in 3 days

Tell me – A new way to reduce weight has appeared on the scene recently, through the so-called “army diet.” According to the Saudi newspaper, “Ajel”, this type of diet can lose you five kilograms of weight in just three days. This diet relies on consuming a small amount of calories and eating chemically consistent […]

how to call a holiday and what not to do – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

On the eve of August 14, the Internet begins to dazzle with headlines, where a simple idea is repeated in different variations: “On August 14, the Orthodox celebrate the Savior of Honey”, and then they talk to us about honey and about what can be prepared from the beekeeping product consecrated on that day. And […]

Pope outraged Catholics – bishops refused to follow instructions

The Catholic Church has hardly any priests left. That is why more and more non-clerics are taking on leadership roles. But now the Pope says: This is not how it works. And now? In Rome, when the asphalt steams in midsummer, the air shimmers and the contours blur, life in the Eternal City comes to […]

a Sunday of Masses after “weeks in the desert”

Bastia «Is the church closed? I thought they had to open it today.“It is she that we see on all the postcards of the city of Bastia, with its two imposing bell towers which sounded every evening of confinement. Sitting on the steps of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, the largest in Corsica, a handful of faithful […]