Children and loved ones of the Father

THE WORD OF GOD FIRST READING: Is. 42, 1-4. 6-7. “Look at my Servant, my favorite.” SECOND LECTURE: Done 10, 34-38. “God anointed Jesus with the power of the Spirit.” GOSPEL: Mc. 1, 6b-11. “You are my beloved Son.” Children and loved ones of the Father The action of the Holy Spirit who acted in […]

some rioters in the Capitol claim Nazi mysticism

With his animal skin headdress topped with two horns and his torso covered in mysterious tattoos, pro-Trump activist Jake Angeli has become the laughing stock of social media since his intrusion into the US Capitol in Washington on Wednesday, January 6. → ANALYSIS. United States: among the rioters on the Capitol, the far right in […]

religious figures among the promoted from New Year 2021

If two-thirds of the 4,000 people decorated, on January 1, 2021, by the Legion of Honor or the National Order of Merit were awarded for their investment against the Covid-19 pandemic, around fifteen personalities from the religious world were also distinguished. → READ. A Legion of Honor for the fight against Covid Among them, three […]

When religion establishes denialism in the face of COVID

A man asks a woman to put on the mask. She responds by raising her hand, as if it were a shield, and shouting at the top of her lungs “Jesus, Jesus”. The scene, very violent, takes place in Los Angeles during a concert by a Christian pastor, controversial for gathering crowds without mask or […]

Pakistan arrests 31 people over demolishing of Hindu temple

PESHAWAR, pakistan (AP) — Pakistani police arrested at least 31 people in overnight raids after a Hindu temple was set on fire and demolished by a mob led by hundreds of supporters of a radical Islamist party, officials said Thursday. Meanwhile, dozens of Hindus rallied in the southern port city of Karachi to demand the […]

Yuri dances in a Virgin Mary costume on TikTok; the tunden in networks

The Mexican singer Yuri generated controversy on social networks after she shared a video on TikTok, where She is seen dressed as the Virgin Mary dancing at an abrupt pace. The famous took the opportunity on December 25 to upload the video to her account, in which she appears with a man in José’s outfit […]