“Superiority of democracy, full stop”

By Charles Jaigu Published yesterday at 7:48 p.m., Update yesterday at 7:48 p.m. Amartya Sen. SEBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro CHRONICLE – Economist Amartya Sen publishes his Memoirs. Story of an Indian humanist straddling several worlds, whose work on famine and extreme poverty are landmarks. There are few economists quoted as much as Amartya Sen. This pioneer […]

“That scared us a lot. This man can easily kill”

The Jewish community in Halle reacted with horror to the kidnapping by the assassin from Halle in the JVA Burg. “That scared us very much,” said the chairman of the community, Max Privorozki, the German Press Agency on Tuesday. External content At this point you will find external content that enriches the article. We need […]

Millions of pilgrims celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico | Photos

https://sputniknews.lat/20221213/millones-de-peregrinos-celebran-a-la-virgen-de-guadalupe-en-mexico–fotos-1133488213.html Millions of pilgrims celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico | Photos Millions of pilgrims celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico | Photos As every December 12, millions of people flocked to the Basilica of Guadalupe, north of Mexico City, to commemorate the Virgin of… 12.13.2022, Sputnik Mundo 2022-12-13T03:30+0000 2022-12-13T03:30+0000 2022-12-13T03:50+0000 Latin America […]

council meets | Jewish General

The Council of the Central Council of Jews is meeting in Frankfurt am Main this Sunday. The highest decision-making body of the Central Council meets once a year, adopts the budget and discusses current and fundamental issues of the Jewish community in Germany. Every four years, the council elects three members to the executive committee […]

Last Refuge Israel | Jewish General

Israel’s former and future Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces major challenges, including in foreign policy. His new government will have to come up with a new strategy regarding Russia’s war of annihilation against Ukraine. More than six million Ukrainians have already become refugees. The Jewish communities in Ukraine are also bleeding dry. Many Jews are […]

German bishops spoke to Pope about Cardinal Woelki | North Rhine-Westphalia

During their visit to the Vatican, German bishops pointed out to Pope Francis the burden of uncertainty in the case of Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki. “It was made very clear that the situation in the archdiocese is becoming increasingly unbearable, including for the archbishop,” said the chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference (DBK), Georg […]

victories and defeats | Jewish General

Anyone who gets 175,484 votes in the House of Representatives elections in Vermont, a state with just 645,000 inhabitants, can speak of a great success. Democrat Becca Balint received more than twice as many votes as her competitor Liam Madden and gets Vermont’s only seat in the lower house of Congress with 61.7 percent. That’s […]

After the terrorist attack in Istanbul

Following Sunday’s attack in central Istanbul, Israelis in the city have been advised “to stay in their hotels until the situation becomes clearer.” As reported by Israeli media, they should listen to the Turkish authorities. ARRESTS An explosion in the busy Istiklal shopping street in the European part of the Turkish city killed six people […]