Dow Jones-Mover: DOW, Exxon, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Goldman Sachs, Caterpillar, UnitedHealth, Verizon, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot und Cisco

02.07.2020 SK last day L&S- indication DOW 2OY 35.99   (01.07.) 37.32/ 37.40 3.79% 15:59:12 Exxon ROOM 39.07   (01.07.) 39.84/ 39.84 1.98% 15:59:04 Goldman Sachs GOS 176.32   (01.07.) 179.68/ 179.78 1.93% 15:58:23 Caterpillar CAT1 113.22   (01.07.) 115.36/ 115.46 1.93% 15:59:04 UnitedHealth UNH 263.00   (01.07.) 267.70/ 268.20 1.88% 15:59:04 Cisco CIS 41.02   (30.06.) 40.86/ 40.88 -0.37% 15:58:23 […]

CEC called statistics on early voting of Russians :: Politics :: RBC

Most of the Russians participating in the vote cast their ballots before the official day of the July 1 plebiscite. Less than 46% of citizens came to polling stations that day Photo: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters Before the voting day on July 1, 58.5 million Russians voted, or 54% of all voters, said CEC head […]

The Kremlin explained Putin’s vote without a mask and gloves :: Society :: RBC

Vladimir Putin at polling station No. 2151 (Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin was at a polling station without a medical mask and gloves, not because he neglected security measures during the epidemic. This was stated by presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, reports the Ascension publication. “The president fully trusts the sanitary measures taken at […]

In Saint-Paul, children now eat in the village hall

Posted on 05/19/2020 at 2:10 p.m. With the new governmental sanitary rules, the commune of Saint-Paul-en-Chablais had to make new arrangements for the meridian break. The canteen is too small for the reception of students and respect for distancing, it is in the new village hall inaugurated last fall that students meet for lunchtime since […]

A quarter of a century without La Pharaoh

“Lola Flores, a Spanish artist, does not sing or dance, but do not miss it.” The ‘New York Times’ was not misguided when he presented La Faraona, a volcanic, free and tongue-tied woman who made the stages tremble with the force of a goddess. Today marks 25 years since the death of this woman who […]

The international futsal tournament in Luarca, suspended

The Organizing Committee of the XXVI International Baseball Soccer Tournament “Villa de Luarca 2020 has decided to suspend the XXVI International Baseball Soccer Tournament” Villa de Luarca 2020 “, which should be held from July 3 to 5,” given that no we can be sure of guaranteeing the complete safety of both the participants in […]

El Telecable finishes the League fourth, with a European place

The Spanish Skating Federation yesterday decided to end the season in all national competitions in which there will be no descents, giving validity to the existing classification at the end of the first round of the league, when Telecable Gijón occupied fourth position, which guarantees him a place to play in the European Cup next […]