A French SPAC invests in a biotechnology company from the PPF group

“PPF Biotech will thus participate in the creation of a new European leader in the field of biotechnological production,” reads the press release, which was published before the start of trading on the Paris Stock Exchange on Wednesday. On it are shares of eureKING, which is an investment vehicle known in English as a special […]

Sanofi claims to have found a treatment

Every winter, bronchiolitis puts strain on health services. Among the 30% of infants infected every year, 3% of them must be hospitalized. This represents between 30,000 and 50,000 emergency visits. The vaccine, in addition to protecting infants, would also relieve hospitals. A vaccine from the AstraZeneca laboratory already exists, but it can only be given […]

That’s why Frankfurt is slipping down in the city ranking

Skyline von Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt was hit particularly hard by the corona pandemic: jobs had to be cut at both Frankfurt Airport and Messe Frankfurt. (Photo: imago images/Jan Eifert) From his workplace in the Old Stock Exchange, Ulrich Caspar looks directly at the forecourt with the sculptures of the bull and the bear. The […]

Anyone who has a risk of severe corona courses despite vaccination

Unsurprisingly, age was the most important factor. From the age of 50, the statistical risk of severe courses increased by a factor of 1.5 every five years of life. People over the age of 80 had an almost 17-fold increased risk compared to those aged 45 to 50. In addition, it was just as unsurprising […]

Corona: Vaccination recommended for young children – study examines side effects

Since this week, the European Medicines Agency has recommended vaccinating small children from the age of six months against Corona. The two mRNA vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna are approved in adjusted dosages for this age group. But how high is the risk of unwanted effects of a corona vaccination for small children? At least […]

A first green light for preventive treatment against bronchiolitis in infants – Liberation

The European Medicines Agency recommends the approval of the drug developed by Sanofi and AstraZeneca against the virus responsible for the disease. There is currently no preventive treatment accessible to all newborns. Protect all infants from bronchiolitis, with just one dose. The objective displayed by Sanofi is moving forward. The laboratory announces this Friday the […]