Promotions even before the sales start: an aid to restart the shops – TorinoToday

Promotions even before the sales start: a help to restart the TorinoToday stores Summer sales 2020 Friuli Venezia Giulia. Start dates – Women on the Web Women on the Web Summer sales: you can find the first ones on the web Donnaweb Commerce, sales from 1 August but LuccaInDiretta promotional sales are not prohibited «Sale […]

“Real estate is a safe haven with guaranteed return”

The sharp stock market crash throughout March has hit savers and small inverters, who, in many cases, passed their money on the floating market after fixed term deposits with high interest rates. Investment funds now experiencing heavy losses and, again, can put the brick back into the destiny of private investors. “This is sure to […]

The country of goats harbors the world | Economy

Mongolia is one of the least industrialized countries in the world. Except for the mining sector, which contributes approximately 10% of GDP and almost half of exports despite the fact that it employs only about 35,000 people, the country of Gengis Kan hardly manufactures anything. But there is a notable exception: cashmere. Wool most prized […]

Temporary Prohibition of Holding Centers of Private Immigrants LA – NBC Los Angeles

Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to temporarily prohibit private companies from immigration detention centers or establish or operate similar facilities in the city. The President of the City Council, Nury Martinez, who proposed the proposal, condemned the federal government and detention center operators, sayingthere is a practice of separating migrant children from […]

Two former government ministers of Evo Morales take refuge in Mexico | International

Two ex-collaborators of the Government of former President Evo Morales left Bolivia on Saturday for Mexico, after staying more than two months refugees at the Mexican embassy in La Paz. The former Minister of Mining César Navarro and the former Deputy Minister of Rural Development Pedro Damián Dorado received safe passages to leave the country. […]