NASA reviews early plans to send astronauts to Mars for 30 days

NASA has outlined its main objectives for the 30-day Mars surface mission, carrying two astronauts on board, and asked the audience for feedback on how the plan would go. Public submissions were originally scheduled for May 31 as a deadline, but that deadline was recently extended to June 3. The agency said that after reaching […]

The RCN novel that is falling to the lowest of ratings

To the sadness of many viewers, there is an RCN novel that is falling to the lowest of ratings. Is about Nurses, that little by little has been losing fans. The production returned to the small screen earlier this year, having an enviable rating. And it is that he returned to the first tuning place, […]

Meeting of Bad Bunny and Paquita la del Barrio gave for memes

From the red carpet to social media. Photo of the meeting of Bad Bunny and Paquita la del Barrio gave for all kinds of memes. On the night of this Thursday, September 23, the Latin Billboard music awards were held. And among the rain of stars that took place on the red carpet, the meeting […]

The National Games shows great culture on top of the competition-Chinanews

The National Games show off the big culture on top of the competition The track and field competition of the 14th National Games kicked off on September 20. In accordance with convention, as the flagship event of the National Games system, track and field are held in the most “core” Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium. […]

Mateo Carvajal was branded as “immature” for his tattoos on his face

They asked him the question on Instagram: Mateo Carvajal was called “immature” when he explained why he got a tattoo on his face. After leaving the Challenge, Caracol reality where he was champion, Mateo Carvajal dedicated himself to social networks. Thus, he has worked with other influencers, publicists and other people in the environment. One […]

Diego Camargo was unharmed after violent robbery

“They burst my head”: Diego Camargo starred in robbery in Bogotá. This is how the violent event happened. The Colombian comedian is one of the most recognized in the country. And those who did not know him, have fallen in love with his simplicity, talent and chivalry in MasterChef Celebrity, reality that airs every weekend […]