Windows 11 startup problem after changing keyboard

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AI, the big push in breast cancer screening

Artificial intelligence as support for radiologists in breast cancer screening would allow a greater number of cancers to be detected, which would mean a better prognosis for the patient and the use of less aggressive treatments, according to Dr. Esperanza Elías, a radiologist specializing in Intelligence Artificial applied to screening … Artificial intelligence as support […]

Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) at high-tech conference #EBSCON in Graz

27.10.2021 Graz (OTS) – Intelligent Technologies for a Sustainable Future – SAL researchers Christina Hirschl and András Montvay will speak about this on November 3rd at the Electronic Based Systems Conference (#EBSCON) in Graz. The network event of the Austrian electronics industry brings together industry and cutting-edge research under the motto “Building bridges for tomorrow”. […]

NOVI, the Facebook wallet.

Are you going to use the Facebook wallet? David Marcus, who is the former head of PayPal and was hired by Facebook in 2018 to lead the Blockchain research unit of the social network, announced that the Novi wallet is ready to be launched to the public after having obtained licenses and approvals for almost […]