‘Apple tests foldable iPhone in Foxconn factory’ | NOW

Apple shipped early prototypes of folding iPhone to Foxconn factory for testing, insiders say Monday Economic Daily News. Based on the tests, Apple determines whether OLEDs or Micro LEDs should be used in the screen. With a higher brightness and longer lifespan, microled is seen as the successor to OLED. More and more competitors of […]

Tested: This is the best wireless earbud | NOW

What is the best wireless earbud? And which one has the best price-quality ratio? NU.nl and the Consumers’ Association provide an answer. Wireless earbuds are popular, especially the so-called ‘true wireless’ models (also called earbuds). Logical, because without a wire is very easy for on the road or during sports. Also in combination with mouth […]

Review: the PlayStation 5 is a baking beast with a brilliant controller | NOW

Sony’s latest game console is gigantic, but therefore also very quiet. The biggest innovations are in the included controller. The PlayStation 5 is the largest game console Sony has ever made, with a height of no less than 40 centimeters. The device requires a large TV cabinet to be able to place it properly. This […]

Sonos to offer paid radio streaming service | NOW

Speaker manufacturer Sonos will offer a paid streaming service for radio from 2021. Via Sonos Radio HD, Sonos customers will soon be able to listen to various Sonos radio stations ad-free and in higher quality. Sonos Radio was introduced by the manufacturer in early 2020. This service has been available free of charge to all […]

Lighting of Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam could be adjusted by hackers | NOW

An online panel with which the lighting of the Erasmus Bridge can be set was publicly accessible, a spokesperson for the municipality of Rotterdam confirms on Tuesday after reporting by RTL News. Unauthorized persons could therefore adjust the lighting of the bridge over the Nieuwe Maas. The online system should be protected with a password, […]

Flying taxis take to the air from Spanish cities from 2022 | NOW

In the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela, flying taxis will have to transport people from 2022. That is what the Spanish aviation authority Enaire says in a press release. The air taxis are part of the European Horizon 2020 research program. Spain wants to show the rest of Europe how flying taxis […]

Netflix tests ‘TV channel’ with its own content in French web app | NOW

Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčexperimenting in France with its own channel on which various series and films are broadcast. This ‘Direct’ channel is part of the web version of Netflix, the company reported. The on-demand service is testing the function in France because there is still a lot of demand there for a traditional TV channel where […]

BioWare Announces Reissue of Classic Mass Effect Series | NOW

The classic sci-fi game series Mass Effect will be reissued in improved form early next year. Maker Bioware announced the long-awaited remaster on Saturday evening. Mass Effect Legendary Edition comes out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. The re-release includes all single-player content from the original Mass […]