[Témoignage] Guermouche: “Winning playing time compared to Montpellier”

La Berrichonne de Châteauroux yesterday announced the arrival of Yanis Guermouche, on loan from Montpellier HSC for one season. The young Pailladin striker, under contract with the MHSC until 2024, spoke about this opportunity to progress: « I am very happy to sign up for this season with Châteauroux. La Berrichonne is a historic club […]

“Something in me has gone out”: Sébastien Soulé, one of the police officers who inspired the film “Bac Nord”, testifies for the first time

Ten years ago, Sébastien Soulé ran after flagrant crimes in the northern districts of Marseille. “I loved adrenaline…” His career in the anti-crime brigade (Bac) was abruptly interrupted when he and his colleagues were suspected of themselves engaging in racketeering and drug trafficking. Pre-trial detention, political and media explosion… The case was adapted for the […]

Johnny Depp was jealous and controlling, according to actress Ellen Barkin

Johnny Depp was jealous, controlling and got drunk frequently, his ex-girlfriend and actress said Ellen Barkin, in prerecorded testimony Thursday in the actor’s defamation lawsuit trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Barkin, 68, said he had a brief “sexual relationship” with the actor in the 1990s. Barkin said that during the several months they were […]

in Asia, these women who confine themselves for a month after giving birth

REPORT – According to Chinese medicine, for a month after childbirth, women must isolate themselves and devote themselves to their recovery. This centuries-old tradition is transformed into a juicy market, with dedicated services and ultra-luxurious treatment centres. The price of serenity? After giving birth to a baby boy last July, Vera Yap, a Singaporean 30-year-old […]