Parker makes its 12th close approach to the sun

The Parker Solar Probe made its twelfth flyby of the Sun on Wednesday, June 1, marking the middle of the missions it must accomplish until 2025. During this flight, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, which is specially designed to withstand heat and intense solar radiation, will approach the surface of the sun by 5.3 million miles […]

Mankind’s most daring attempt to secure immortality!

Posted in: 01/06/2022 – 11:54Last updated: 01/06/2022 – 11:56 Voyager 1 is the most distant human-made object to have escaped from Earth. After visiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, NASA’s probe, which was launched 45 years ago, is located 24 billion kilometers from Earth in interstellar space. Both “Voyager 1” and “Voyager 2” carry a […]

See how Grigor Dimitrov celebrated his 31st birthday (Photos)

Grigor is waiting for guests PHOTOS: Personal profile on Instagram “Another tour around the sun,” Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov wrote on Instagram on the occasion of his birthday and thanked everyone for the congratulations on the holiday. Our first rocket celebrated its 31st anniversary in Monte Carlo. […]

For two days, a geomagnetic storm hits Earth (video)

Special coverage by Youm7 TV about the anticipation of millions around the world, the arrival of the geomagnetic storm to the Earth’s atmosphere and its collision with it. And the coverage stated, that the US space and flight agency “NASA” confirmed that the sun issued a large glow that peaked at 11:35 am EDT on […]

Two trains collided – several injured

Train accident in England: two railways collided. The situation is confusing. 12 people are reported to have been injured. Two trains collided in a tunnel in the south of England. Several people were injured in the accident, as the British transport police announced on Twitter. “Fortunately, no one was killed,” it said. According to the […]