Brand USA is going to make you love US Sports and win an iPad!

Last month, eight travel agencies won their USA Music Boxes. It’s now your turn to win an iPad if you complete and get the badge of the Specialist in Large Cities in the United States. You have until January 28. In the heart of big cities! The United States is the country of New York […]

Refill not Landfill Latin America est né !!!

The project Refill not Landfill was born in Cambodia in 2016 with the aim of significantly reducing the amount of plastic waste produced in the country, starting by eliminating the plastic water bottles used and thrown away by tourists. The concept was born, a free refillable bottle wherever a partner is! Since the lifespan of […]

Agencies Offer Rapid COVID-19 Tests to Boost Travel

Many countries require that Visitors provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test for admission, performed within 48 and 72 hours prior to flight. To meet this requirement and facilitate travel, Agency groups have partnered with test providers to bring fast results to their clients. Thus, the intermediation sector joins the actions of airlines and airports […]

Travel agencies will have to refund customers in cash for canceled trips

JN 03 September 2020 at 10:12 We just need to publish in Diário da República: the exception regime that travel agencies used to deal with canceled trips will change. Soon, customers will be able to be refunded in cash, within 14 days, and not in vouchers or by rescheduling, as was the case until then. […]