Citizens arrived in large groups at Huanchaco beach | TRUJILLO | The industry

Police officers and staff from the Huanchaco district commune carried out an operation in said spa, since since Sunday morning citizens have arrived in groups to spend a day on the beach. The residents of the resort reported that hundreds of people came to the place so the police deployed an operation next to the […]

Electoral Court of Bolivia suspended preliminary count of results :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | LARA’S PRESS – The president of the TSE, Salvador Romero, reported that the suspension of the new system for the dissemination of preliminary results (DIREPRE) because the test results do not allow assurance of the quick count. He Direpre had been created specifically to provide thes initial results of the October 18 vote […]

They warn about risks of little guarantee in imported medicines :: La Prensa de Lara

Guiomar López | THE PRESS OF LARA.- The recurring practice of replace the sanitary seal in medicines for the import permit, it is the concern that vibrates from the pharmaceutical sector. A measure that reduces the autonomy of the national industry and leaves the medicine guarantee, about the correct formulation. Freddy Ceballos, president of the […]

Two Cuban doctors deserted their work in Venezuela :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | LARA’S PRESS – From Cuban doctors deserted on September 27 from their work in Venezuela. The couple made severe complaints about the corruption in the country, he wrote The National. Reinier Sori Estévez He stated that together with his girlfriend Yuli he made the decision to go before “the lies in the handling […]

“The video was self-fiction!” (videos)

Posted on Friday, October 16, 2020 at 4:31 p.m. By Sudinfo The YouTuber revealed the truth about the crash of his Mini Cooper but, above all, denounced the harassment he suffered. Any car fan knows the Belgian POG videos. François Dequidt is indeed known to test each other’s most powerful vehicles on his Youtube channel. […]

U24News | Last minute

Microsoft will develop a new data center in Greece, investing in cloud service infrastructure, something that helps the extremely weakened economy of that country due to public debt and hit again by the Covid-19 pandemic that produced lockdowns that stopped even more so the economic situation. Microsoft President Brad Smith reported it today 5/10 at […]