Lord Jupiter in Aries after 12 years, zodiac result at a glance

Lord Jupiter will enter Aries after 12 years on April 22, 2023. If Jupiter is favorable, it is believed that one will get all the blessings in life. Brahmashree Idamana Narayan Namboothiri is detailing the advantages and disadvantages of Jupiter, which cures lakhs of evils, and the remedies to be followed. If Jupiter is not […]

New reptile species in southern Germany: gentrification turtle-style

North American turtles have settled in Baden-Württemberg. Cute? Rather problematic: They threaten a native species. A yellow-eared slider sunbathes in a pond in Germany Photo: image Raccoons that rummage through garbage cans, fish-eating bullfrogs and Asian ladybirds with 19 instead of 6 points – so-called neozoa are animals that are actually native to other parts […]

Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria: Souls are shaken

Children play in Kilis Brennball Photo: Cem-Odos Guler Almost two weeks after the earthquake in Syria and Turkey, the survivors are holding out in tent cities. They also need psychological help. AChildren play Brennball on the sports field. Betul Abras stands at the edge and points to a girl with a dark blue headscarf. “She […]

Colonial Past with China: Under German Roofs

Not only in Africa, but also in China, Germans spread – and occupied a bay for many years. Why is this hardly known in this country? Qingdao 1937: The port city is a target of the Japanese invasion Foto: United Archives International/imago On the morning of November 14, 1897, warships of the German Imperial Navy […]

Bremen Literature Prize 2023: Time stretching with framework

Rewrite this content The awarding of the literature prize was also raised in 2023 in a pompous manner. In the midst of all the ostentation there is suddenly a construction site. The prize is hot: Thomas Stangl (2nd from right) in Bremen City Hall Photo: dpa/Senate Press Office BREMEN taz | It feels like the […]

Moving the weekly markets in Hofuf to alternative locations

Rewrite this content Al-Ahsa Municipality announced that the committee to address the indiscriminate spread of street vendors begins with moving the weekly markets in the city of Hofuf to alternative locations. This comes after moving the weekly markets from the roads and streets in the cities belonging to the municipality of Al-Jafr to the King […]

Aida Shirazi concert in Berlin: The Shadow of Violence

Natural processes inspired the Iranian composer Aida Shirazi. But her concert in Berlin was also about the revolution in Iran. Aida Shirazi at her concert in the Radialsystem Photo: Anthony Katrakazis This is how the catastrophe sounds: “Revolution kills. Revolution births (…) Let the enemy know the end lurks under the throbbing sea of ​​blood,” […]

A dramatic confession by Anna Wyszkoni

Racibórz: Anna Wyszkoni (42) is one of the most popular singers in our country. The former singer of the band Łzy received a diagnosis of a malignant thyroid tumor in 2016. After surgery and recovery, depression hit her. In the latest interview, she talked about her struggle with this disease. – My first contact with […]