Systematic – Newspaper Kommersant No. 114 (6835) on 02/02/2020

Many companies that have recently struggled for the right to be included in the list of backbone enterprises are making more and more claims to it. First of all, the business complains about the need to prepare weekly and more often a mass of reports for authorities of all levels, despite the fact that most […]

[] The lamborghini driver lost his driving license in Zakopane

Residents complained about “roaring” cars on the streets of Zakopane and that their drivers had dangerous races in the center. – Police officers in Zakopane stopped a young lamborghini driver who drove 119 km / h in built-up areas. A man from the Nowy Sącz poviat lost his driving license and got a PLN 400 […]

Inbox: ATX chart technical: Support in the range of 2,224 to 2,249 points should hold

Mailed from / found at: Erste Group Research (BSN note: scrolling text in the original from the sender, title (always) and illustration (often) by from the photo archive of From Erste Group’s Equity Weekly: The ATX loses 3.3% on a weekly basis, falling significantly below the 2,300-point mark. Support in the form of […]

Silence we play! “Old World”, “Before We Leave”, “Daymare: 1998”

Silence we play! this is the weekly video game show by Release. With Erwan Cario and its columnists, Patrick Hellio, Julie Le Baron and Marius Chapuis. This week, we start with the surprise of Ron Gilbert, creator of the greatest adventure games of the LucasArts era, who offers a mini adventure in the world of […]

Does France practice nearly 300,000 tests per week, as Olivier Véran claims?

Hello While the government has set itself the objective of carrying out 700,000 weekly tests as of May 11, you are asking us about the number of tests currently carried out in France, and the statements made by the Minister of Health, who mentioned, Thursday on LCI, 280,000 screenings last week. On the only public […]

Medical students demand guarantees to return to see patients

GUANAJUATO, Gto. ( .– Associations of medical students who are undergraduate -passengers of social service, interns- demanded that they be allowed to continue with their academic cycle outside the clinical fields, respect the working hours and all those who present risk factors for covid-19 are withdrawn without consequences in their certification. Grouped in the “Doctors […]

One hundred tons of methacrylate per week from Girona for partitions against Covid-19

Masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel … and screens. He methacrylate it began to be made visible in supermarkets or pharmacies since the state of alarm for covid-19 began. And in recent weeks, companies in the sector have seen how orders have been multiplied by five. So much so that neither manufacturers, nor distributors, nor workshops, give […]

When Lupe Sino wished Manolete: “Ah, if I smiled”

ZABALA DE LA SERNA @zabaladelaserna Updated Friday, one may 2020 –17:26 EFE Lupe Sino wants it before meeting him. «I go crazy when I fight. Look, in the Charity run (…) I couldn’t contain myself and I shouted: ‘You are the greatest thing in the world’.He looked at me, thanked me, very attentive but without […]

Silence we play! “Streets of Rage 4”, “SnowRunner”, “Stranded Deep”

Silence we play! it’s the weekly video game show by Release. With Erwan Cario and its columnists, Patrick Hellio, Julie Le Baron, Frantz Durupt and Marius Chapuis. This week, after making a detour to the side of large trucks in extreme conditions SnowRunner, we set off to explore the dark and dangerous alleys of Streets […]

UADY withdraws its medical students from public hospitals

MÉRIDA, Yuc. (apro) .- The Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) reported that it again withdrew its students from public hospitals where they do their rotary internships. However, those of social service will remain in health institutions. The determination was made after the amparo lawsuit that was filed against the Faculty […]