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Wearing a mask in Colombia: how long will it be mandatory? – Health

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the use of face mask has become one of the most effective measures to counteract the spread of virus, it even became a condition obligatory to return to some daily activities and stay both in open and closed spaces. (We recommend you consult: Can I have a drink after […]

When will Snapchat go public

The pros and cons of a company going public. Even with the perks of going public, public companies often face several drawbacks that can lead them to think twice about going public. Invest 50,000 – techniproedu.com One of the most important changes is the need for additional disclosure for. When to go When does snapchat […]

When a hat becomes a work of art

“The hats that I design many times are not designed to wear, they are what I call emotional streaptease, It is a creative need that I had, many times they are hats for characters that do not exist, there are not even scripts in the cinema for these characters such as the bee, the mouth […]

Wardrobe change: how and when to do it

It is advisable to clean all the clothes that we are going to keep so that they are not in bad condition when we recover them The wardrobe change should be done suddenly about twice a year with the arrival of cold and heat This time is an opportunity to clean and organize cabinets and […]