How will they be and since when will you raise them in the rates of energy services

The unfreezing for the rates of public services in the area of ​​energy – electricity and natural gas – is coming, after a whole year without increases. The national government is already working on that, which places it in the framework of a “correction” or “update” to this sum for home users. For now, some […]

Israel sent a message to Tehran – Newspaper Kommersant No. 212 (6933) of 11/19/2020

The Israel Defense Forces has confirmed the fact of strikes against military targets of the Iranian special forces “Al-Quds” located in Syria. This is one of the rare cases when the Israeli side has admitted responsibility for the strike on Syrian territory. He was the answer to the installation of explosive devices in the Golan […]

When will RC Lens be able to play again?

No new positive case Under tension since the appearance of a “cluster” at the end of last week in La Gaillette, RC Lens learned this Thursday morning that no new case of Covid-19 was declared at the end of the last tests carried out Wednesday. Which these days has the value of good news. With […]

Doing therapy: when, how and why

According to the World Health Organization, Argentina has the highest number of psychologists per capita in the world: 222 professionals per 100,000 inhabitants, reports the 2017 WHO mental health report. If at another time going to the psychologist was synonymous with “being crazy”, now you can even look askance at someone who has never been […]

How much will the PlayStation 5 cost and when will it be on sale?

According to the @PSErebus Twitter account, the PS5 will be on sale for Christmas next year. In addition, it gives an exact date for its release to the market in the United States: November 20, 2020. As for its value, ensures that it will cost $ 499, about $ 31,400. However, taking into account the […]

when to do a Covid test?

A work colleague has just tested positive for the coronavirus and it is all his office neighbors who are watching the film of the last few days spent in his presence. To break the chain of virus transmission, it is necessary very quickly to isolate, for 14 days, “contact cases”, in other words all those […]

Government Targets 3 Million New Debtors to Get 0 Percent Interest KUR

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The government is targeting at least 3 million new debtors for the people’s business credit program (KUR) with 0 percent interest which will be activated at the end of August 2020. This KUR Super Micro credit has a loan ceiling of IDR 10 million. The distribution of KUR Super Micro is aimed […]