Warning… ChatGPT’s popularity has made it an easy target for victims

Jafra News – Many “hackers” are taking advantage of the huge popularity of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, as a way to lure their victims. Guardio Labs, which specializes in digital security solutions, said it found a fake Chrome extension that claims to incorporate ChatGPT answers into Google search results, when in reality the extension […]

Honoring 10 typical young Vietnamese faces in 2022

The organizers give prizes to 10 Typical young Vietnamese face 2022. (Photo: Minh Duc/VNA) On the evening of March 23, Central Group Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth solemnly held the awarding ceremony of Outstanding Young Face Award in 2022 – prize the most prestigious of the Central Union. These are the best faces selected from […]

Still a beautiful woman: First lady Eva Pavlova shared pictures from her youth

5 Petr Pavel and Eva Pavlova First Lady Eva Pavlova has been very active on social networks in recent months. There, she shares various images from her life with her supporters and the supporters of her husband, the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavl, and does not forget her childhood either. In one of […]

Google warns.. These phones are vulnerable to serious breaches! – names

Google has warned of the existence of about 18 exposed vulnerabilities in the Exynos chipset used in Samsung devices. According to Google’s Project Zero vulnerability research team, 4 of the 18 exposed vulnerabilities are the most critical, as they allow remote code execution from the Internet to the baseband. Samsung explained that remote code execution […]

A Spring of Science under the sign of diversity in French-speaking universities

For this 22nd edition, the budget of the event has practically doubled, rising to 431,000 euros with the aim of offering more activities and arousing more interest among young people in science and subjects known as STEM (science, technology , engineering and mathematics). The objective is also to enable teachers to enrich their knowledge and […]

JAV regulars’ table of the ver.di youth | Frankfurt am Main and region

Mi, 5. April 202317:00 o’clockDGB-Jugendclub U68,Rear of the DGB building in Frankfurt,Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 69-77,60329 FrankfurtAs part of the JAV regulars’ table, we offerYou have the opportunity to register regularly via JAVexchange work. Don’t give yourself the chanceDon’t miss your experiences with othersJAVis to share and new input for your ownCollect JAV work. No matter what topicsand […]

did the favorite die poisoned to remain beautiful?

Portrait of Diane de Poitiers in mourning for her husband Louis de Breze around 1550, by Francois Clouet. Credit: Photo Josse / Leemage via AFP Known for her beauty, her religious ambitions and her influence at the Royal Court, Diana of Poitiers has intrigued historians. What was then the surprise in 2010, when opening his […]

Addiction: Why are so many young Finns dying from drug abuse?

Finland is often seen as a shining example on the world stage in various ways. Thanks to its advanced healthcare system, low crime rate and wealth of natural beauty, the UN has named it the happiest country in the world for five years in a row. However, behind the romantic images of snowy villages, the […]

Microsoft makes Outlook free for Mac computers

Tell me – Microsoft announced the availability of the Outlook email program for free on Mac computers running the MacOS operating system, but on the condition that ads appear. And the American company stated that it had redesigned the Outlook program to align it with the M1 and M2 processors developed by Apple. It is […]