ANSA / Brexit: Northern Ireland, hotbeds of violence and concern

By Alessandro Logroscino (ANSA) – LONDON, 08 APR – An outbreak of violence in Northern Ireland, due to the consequences of the divorce with the EU, surprised the Government of Boris Johnson, because in recent days, there were 55 police officers injured in riots. These are limited episodes, but the climate of the last week … Read more

Australia stops AstraZeneca for under 50s

(ANSA) – SIDNEY, 09 APR – Australia decided to suspend the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine for those under 50 years of age for fear of possible thrombosis, unless they have not already had a first dose without presenting negative effects Premier Scott Morrison announced the decision at a press conference, shortly after the government’s … Read more

Coronavirus Lazio, the latest news and the bulletin with the cases of today 2 November. LIVE

In Lazio, 1,859 people tested positive for Coronavirus compared to 19,574 swabs The new LIVE with all the updates of today in Lazio Out of 19,574 swabs today in Lazio, 1,859 positive cases were recorded. The former Roma captain, Francesco Totti, also tested positive for Coronavirus (ALL UPDATES – MAPS AND GRAPHICS OF THE INFECTIONS) … Read more

Osiris-Rex, obtained a large number of samples from the asteroid Bennu

NASA’s mission was successfully accomplished: the Osiris-Rex probe, which managed to get close to the asteroid Bennu for a matter of seconds, collected billions of years old rock samples that “will inspire science for decades”, as confirmed by Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA and head of the direction of the scientific mission The Osiris-Rex … Read more

Coronavirus, link between blood group and contagion risk discovered

People with blood type A and AB “tended to need mechanical ventilation more,” reads a study that looked at Canadian patients. Research on data from Denmark argues that those with group 0 risk less People with blood type A and AB are at greater risk of contracting the coronavirus and developing the disease in an … Read more

Entertainment tries to resist but events already jump – Culture & Shows

Try to resist the world of entertainment, to move forward despite the limited capacity puts a strain on the finances, already suffering, of theaters and cinemas. An obstacle race, between stop and go due to outbreaks born here and there, which now the escalation of infections is putting a further strain on. The stop at … Read more

Conad dark chocolate withdrawn: plastic fragments present

The Ministry of Health invites customers not to consume the product for any reason and to return it to the store to replace it or receive a refund. Through a press release published on its official website, the Ministry of Health reported the recall of the product “Dark Chocolate – 72% cocoa extra dark chocolate” … Read more