Beware of taking ibuprofen during pregnancy

Taking ibuprofen, a widely used medicine for pain or fever, during pregnancy could disrupt the development of the reproductive system of the unborn boy, according to a study published Friday in the journal Scientific Reports. “All the clues of evidence converge towards great caution regarding the use of this drug in the 1st trimester of […]

The international AIDS conference in the heart of the matter

International AIDS conference kicks off plenary session in Amsterdam on Tuesday, starring celebrities like Prince Harry, Charlize Theron and Elton John, worried about a resurgence of the virus, which affects some 37 million people around the world. Thousands of delegates – researchers, activists, activists and people affected by the deadly virus – have gathered since […]

Risky sex for aging men but good for older women

Frequent and satisfying sex increases the risk of heart attack in aging men, but on the contrary orgasm is beneficial for the health of older women, reveals a study published Tuesday. “These results challenge the widely held belief that having equal health benefits for all,” said Hui Liu, assistant professor of sociology at the University […]

Agreement on $ 19 million fund to compensate victims of Harvey Weinstein

New York City adopted an annual budget overnight Tuesday to Wednesday reducing the funds allocated to its police services, illustrating the impact of anti-racism protests even if the measure was criticized from all sides. The budget of the first American metropolis for the fiscal year 2021 which opens on July 1 cuts police spending by […]

Putin offers 16 more years at the head of Russia

Finally: after 118 years of existence, Real Madrid has acquired the first professional female team in its history by officially absorbing the CD Tacon on Wednesday, launching its “galactic” project for women. It is a small revolution. Real Madrid, voted best club of the XXth century by Fifa, was one of the rare formations among […]

At least 8 dead, 80 injured in clashes in Ethiopia

Clashes in Ethiopia left at least 8 dead and 80 injured Monday in the city of Adama, medical sources said on Tuesday. Six of the dead died on the way to hospital, while two died in the intensive care unit. The city’s main hospital said it received 80 patients, most of whom were shot. Others […]

Congolese Prime Minister deems justice minister’s brief arrest “arbitrary”

KINSHASA — Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Sylvestre Ilunga expressed his “indignation” to President Félix Tshisekedi, after the brief “arbitrary” arrest on Saturday evening of the Minister of Justice, a new crisis within the ruling coalition. Usually very discreet, the Prime Minister comes from the same camp as ex-President Joseph Kabila, […]