Lukashenko named Russia’s only ally :: Politics :: RBC

The Belarusian president believes that Minsk remains the last ally of Moscow, and Russia “cannot imagine in a nightmare” that it will lose it, because Russian domestic politics will suffer because of this Alexander Lukashenko with his son Nikolai (Photo: Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti) Moscow does not want to lose Minsk either economically or […]

Durov predicted a civilizational shift due to coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

According to the creator of VKontakte, the coronavirus pandemic is a threat to the human species and after its end the world will not be the same. He encouraged people to use self-isolation time to create a “better version of themselves.” The creator of the VKontakte social network and Telegram messenger Pavel Durov said that […]

Trump announced a “good letter” from Kim Jong-un :: Politics :: RBC

Donald Trump said he recently received a “good letter” from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. About this American President reported during a briefing at the White House. Speaking about the recent missile tests of the DPRK, Trump said: “I received a message from Kim Jong-un, a good letter. I think we get along. ” Trump […]