Why did PKN STAN abolish the Customs Department? This is the reason

Jakarta – New Student Admission Selection (SPMB) State Finance Polytechnic (PKN) STAN no longer offers customs majors. Why was the PKN STAN customs department removed from the PKN STAN SPMB? If you search on the official PKN STAN website, the Department of Customs and Excise is still informed on the Ministry of Finance campus website. […]

Get ready, fuel and detergent will be levied with excise

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Finance) is studying the three types of goods that will be charged taxes. The three are rubber tires, fuel oil (BBM), and detergent. Head of the Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF) of the Ministry of Finance, Febrio Nathan Kacaribu, explained that this was in line with the […]