How important are kisses and hugs in the education of sons and daughters?

Kisses and hugs communicate without words and are gestures of affection, generally sincere, that symbolize ‘hello’, ‘I’m here for you’, ‘I love you’ or ‘sorry’. If they are always necessary, in childhood they are especially so. “It is necessary to generate a secure attachment style. Being in contact and touching each other, the child feels […]

A&E continues its global expansion after the Vodafone deal

The Emirates Telecommunications Group “E&” is moving forward with its ambitious strategy to expand globally, as its plans in this regard were not affected by the challenges related to the decline in shares of the British “Vodafone” Telecom, in which the Emirati group is the largest shareholder. The group said it would pay 2.15 billion […]

Including 3 Arab countries .. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the cancellation of the visa sticker on the passport and launches the electronic visa service in 7 countries

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a new initiative to cancel the visa sticker on the beneficiary’s passport and switch to the electronic visa and read its data via a quick response (QR) code. This comes within the framework of completing procedures for automating and raising the quality of consular services provided by […]

Irritable bowel syndrome: what causes it and what are the symptoms? | All Rondônia

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammation that can affect the entire gastrointestinal tract, such as the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and the anus region. It can start at any age, but it usually affects people aged 18 and over. What causes crohn’s disease? Unfortunately, the cause is unknown, but some studies suggest […]

The Plaza E cinemas in Vigo close while waiting for a new operator

The Plaza Elíptica movie theaters will close their doors but temporarily due to the change of operator. The manager of the shopping center, Marcos Martínez, confirmed the departure of Galicine, which maintains a presence in other parts of the community, but guaranteed the continuity of this service, which “will be given a new impetus.” Hence, […]

Ronaldinho returns to football to play in the league created by Piqué and Ibai

The Brazilian star will be in the Kings League this Sunday and will show his talent in the Spanish streamer’s team. The former Brazilian player Ronaldinho will be the 12th player of Porcinos FC in the ‘Kings League’ this Sunday, February 26 at the Cupra Arena, as announced Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanosthe creators of […]

Puma Transport AC+ Baby/Kinder Sneaker, 23,96 €

PUMA brings bold statements to little feet in these versatile sneakers. Our Transport Alternative Closure+ sneakers are the ideal everyday shoe, with a sleek upper, bold details and the cushiony comfort of a full-length EVA midsole accented with the unbeatable performance of our high-grip EVA outsole for added traction ? everything to help little feet […]