Togo: audit announced of the Health and Care System Strengthening Project

PANORAMIC OF REFORMS BUSINESS CREATION (more informations) 15th in the world and 1st in Africa on the Doing Business (DB) 2020 business creation indicator, Togo continues its reform dynamic, with new reforms… EXECUTION OF CONTRACTS (more informations) Still in the depths of the Doing Business ranking in terms of contract execution, Togo, driven by its […]

What is the origin of the Nipah virus that terrifies India – Health

In recent days it became known that Indian authorities are trying to contain an epidemic of the Nipah virus, a pathogen that is transmitted from animals to humans and has a high mortality rate. The virus was first reported in 1998, when it began to spread among a population of pig farmers in Malaysia. Although […]

Instagram Adds Location Feature to Notes for Enhanced Sharing

(Ecofin Agency) – First launched by Instagram in December 2022, the Notes feature allows users to post short messages visible in the “Messages” section in order to trigger a conversation. After adding music, Notes tests a new improvement. Instagram is reportedly adding the ability to put a location on Notes. This is what emerges from […]

After the tragedy in Morocco, the national team players came to donate blood

Morocco suffered a magnitude seven earthquake that left more than 2,012 dead and more than 2,000 injured, more than half of whom are in serious condition. The event occurred in Ighil located about 80 kilometers southwest of the city of Marrakech, and 8 kilometers deep. After this sad event, the team that has Achraf Hakimi […]

Actress Fiona Horsey’s Struggle with Road Conditions in La Calera

In the village of El Salitre, in the municipality of La Calera, in Cundinamarca, a large but cozy house stands on green grass and leafy trees. Around her, lots full of plants, animals and homes accompany her. Everything looks like a typical Colombian rural landscape, in which nature and human beings coexist peacefully. However, a […]

Is there an age when we stop being happy? This says a Harvard study – Health

There is no specific age at which we automatically stop being happy. Happiness is a subjective experience and can vary significantly from person to person, depending on a variety of factors, including personality, life circumstances, relationships, and mental health. (Keep reading: Habits that would help you increase your happiness every weekend, according to experts) It […]