Pays de la Loire. Occupational health has been hit by the Covid epidemic

The 2022-2025 Occupational Health Plan was officially launched on Tuesday September 27, 2022, on the premises of the University of Nantes, in the presence of around a hundred players. “It is a regional strategic roadmap in the field of occupational risk prevention. Its aim is to fight against serious and fatal accidents at work. a […]

Damu-Sasa, a Kenyan solution for managing blood donation services

Access to healthcare is still difficult on the continent. In addition to state efforts, tech entrepreneurs are improving the situation by developing solutions to help people face various problems. Damu-Sasa is an e-health solution developed by a Kenyan start-up of the same name. It makes it possible to take charge of the blood supply, to […]

This is the Error of Parents Teaching Children about Money Warren Buffett Version

Saturday, September 24 2022 09:30 Reporter: Merdeka Warren Buffett. ©Jamie McCarthy / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP – The name of a billionaire and an accomplished investor Warren Buffett may not be foreign to hear. He is one of the world’s richest people who had success with investment firm Berkshire Hathaway. However, who […]

A CPE hit by students in a college in Toulouse

A principal education adviser (CPE) was beaten by several students in a college in Toulouse on Thursday September 22, and filed a complaint against X, we learned from a police source on Saturday September 24. The aggression stopped thanks to the intervention of a teacher and a student At 10:30 a.m. Thursday, in the Stendhal […]

what do I ask and how many people are you looking for

This Italian island will pay you 15,000 euros to move there. Sardinia is a large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea and it is in the news because its government is offering money to live there. The objective of this measure is to increase the population, which currently has less than three thousand inhabitants and […]

DSP Calarasi received 21,450 doses of Influvac Tetra flu vaccine You ride

Influenza is an acute infectious disease with a high epidemic potential. Disease control can best be achieved by immunoprophylaxis with influenza vaccines (redefined every year to reflect changes in the antigenicity of circulating virus strains).The Directorate of Public Health of Calarasi county was allocated a first tranche of flu vaccine, namely 21,450 doses of Influvac […]

Former priest Alberto Linero was seen kissing his partner – People – Culture

Since 2018, when Alberto Linero announced that he was leaving the priesthood, after more than 20 years of belonging to the religious communitythe former priest has given what to talk about among the parishioners for his opinions regarding religion, love and other aspects of life. It was precisely a year ago when he showed Alcy, […]