‘Most of the stores do not accept the CUC and those that accept it only sell water bottles’: the Cubans respond to Marino Murillo

Many Cubans questioned on social networks Marino Murillo, the head of the Government’s economic adjustments, who showed as an achievement that 2,678 stores across the country currently accept payments in CUC. Although initially the Cuban authorities announced that during the first six months of the monetary reform, stores in CUC would continue to accept payments […]

DNA – the silent biological witness reveals every perpetrator

Essen. Age. Height. What the smallest particles reveal about unknown perpetrators. An expert from the NRW State Criminal Police Office explains You Nýmifjn MFCU FJO Gbnjmjfowbufs nju fjofs lýotumjdifo Tdiåefmefdlf – boe BMM efo tdimjnnfo Tdinfs {fo boe Gpmhfo- ejf FJO csvubmfs Byuijfc you Lpqg wfsvstbdiu EFO / EFS 51.Kåisjhf JTU 3128 Pqgfs fjoft tdixfsfo […]

Bad bankruptcy of the Iserlohn Roosters on Boris Blank’s debut

Iserlohn After the coach change, the pointless bottom light causes a bitter disappointment for the home side Before such games, all the empty phrases that the sport has to offer are tried. Keyword embarrassment, take it lightly and so on. But somebody had to be the first to help these previously pointless and already beaten […]

British corona mutation: Experts puzzled by Johnson’s statement

The corona mutation from Great Britain is spreading faster – and, according to Premier Johnson, is probably also more deadly. However, experts urge caution: there is still too little data for an exact statement. A debate has begun in Great Britain about the dangerousness of the new coronavirus variant B.1.1.7. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said […]

Clear cutting at Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof – economy

At least 62 Kaufhof and Karstadt branches will be closed. These include locations in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, but also in many smaller cities. The closings affect around 7,500 employees. At Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof there is a clear cut: Management and employee representatives have agreed on a social plan. After that, at least 62 Kaufhof […]

Pandemic: British Corona variant possibly more deadly

The corona mutation, which first appeared in Great Britain, is apparently not only more contagious, but also more deadly, according to Premier Johnson. Data also showed that the variant was equally threatening for all age groups. By Thomas Spickhofen, ARD-Studio London There are indications that the new variant of the coronavirus, first registered in the […]

USA: First black Secretary of Defense confirmed

Lloyd Austin has been confirmed as Secretary of Defense by the US Senate. He’s the first black man in office. Only a few hours later he was on the phone with NATO chief Stoltenberg and had good news ready. It is a first, important success for the new President Joe Biden: The Senate has approved […]

Biden and climate protection: is the US really going green now?

It was the third decree that US President Biden signed shortly after his inauguration: the re-entry into the Paris climate protection agreement. Can Biden deliver on the promises it makes? By Torsten Teichmann, ARD Studio Washington For Europeans it is a magical sentence with which they associate great hopes. “We’re bringing America back, back to […]

Digital wallet allows transactions with cryptocurrencies

It is the Status mobile application, which offers the chance to carry out crypto transactions through a private and encrypted messaging chat. The global pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19 radically changed the way in which billions of users on the planet relate to money when making payments or investments of any kind. Since the start of […]