Minister Julio Demartini was received with eggs and tomatoes in Cusco

The Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Julio Demartini, was greeted with eggs and tomatoes when he was preparing to inspect the facilities of the Cuna Más social program in the Cusco community of San José Urco in the province of Calca. Images released by the local media ADN Peru show how a group of […]

68 pounds for a white carton and 70 for a red… Agriculture offers quantities of B

08:39 PM Sunday 06 November 2022 (Masrawy): The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation announced the release of quantities of table eggs at discounted prices, through 243 fixed outlets and 30 mobile outlets roaming villages in different governorates. Saeed Saleh, the advisor to the Minister of Agriculture for follow-up, said that this comes in implementation […]

Moskotarrak awards the ‘Send Eggs 2022’ award to actress Itziar Ituño

IT HAPPENED last August (on the 25th of that month, to be precise with the calendar…), when Aste Nagusia was boiling in the pot of fun. It was then that the amusing bombardment took place, said to be in that same joking tone. Everything happened in the txosna del Arenal, where Moskotarrak Konpartsa settles his […]

The price of eggs in Ukraine will rise to 100 hryvnia – reasons

How has the price of chicken eggs changed? In August 2022, inflation was 24%, but the price of a dozen chicken eggs forthis period not only did not increase, but even decreased. However, during September of this year, the situation changed dramatically. The average cost of a dozen chicken eggs compared to the previous month […]

Two dinosaur eggs discovered in China filled with crystals

Posted in: 26/09/2022 – 10:10 Paleontologists in China have discovered two eggs, belonging to a previously unknown type of dinosaur, filled with crystals (crystals) in the Qianshan Basin in eastern Anhui Province. The two eggs were classified as Shixingoolithus qianshanensis, making them a newly described, previously unknown. According to the researchers, the two eggs are […]