Close to the cage, to get chickens. The activists joined and Tomas Trot

Activists from the organization Image-the Defenders of the animals and the volunteers have a whole month before the house closed in a big cage together with 19 statues of hens in larger than life size. They want to draw attention to the problem of battery cages and at the same time to induce the members […]

Pedal, you will have cheese – Culture / Next

Animated photo Emmanuel Pierrot for Liberation If at 50 you didn’t make hay, you missed your life. Haymaking has always been our Rolex. Walking between the swaths of cut grass after the mower has passed is a luxury that cannot be calculated beyond the jewels of Place Vendôme. Remembering our first boots hoisted into the […]

Salmonella. Recall of over 500,000 eggs sold in supermarkets

Eggs sold in various retail chains are currently being recalled. Several lots are contaminated with salmonella. The majority of the products complained of were “Supplied by Matines under the brands Matines, Eco +, Netto, Top Budget, as well as under neutral brands (no brand appears on the box)”, Explain 60 million consumers. People who have […]

Let’s eat life against the Covid-19: vatrouchka like in Russia

It’s not clear how we ended up listening to an old France Culture show on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Containment has its mysteries (like the algorithms of social networks, which would be at best to be credited here). In the June 10, 1973 issue of Unusual world, it was a question, therefore, of this railway of […]

McDonald’s and Firehouse Subs also suspend sale of basic foods

The McDonald’s and Firehouse Subs restaurant chains in Puerto Rico, run by different companies, have also announced that they will stop selling unprepared foods, such as bread and milk, in response to the investigation that the Planning Board (JP) just started. A few hours ago, Burger King Puerto Rico did the same, as reported The […]

Surprise inside the world’s oldest dinosaur eggs

ABC Science Madrid Updated:04/14/2020 11: 02h save Related news An international team of scientists led by the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa has been able to reconstruct in 3D, with the smallest details, the skulls of some of the world’s oldest dinosaur embryos in 3D. For this they have used the ESRF European […]

Eat up against the Covid-19: nuggets with my teen

The teen is confined. More than ever, he subscribes to the two main pillars of his existence: junk food and screens. And we must admit that in the fourth week of Mitard, we really let go of the trapeze of parental authority on the subject. What good is it to rebel against the dictatorship of […]

How many eggs can you eat to have a healthy diet

Eggs are one of the more versatile foods that exist: you can cook them in infinite ways, they satiate you for hours and are an inexhaustible source of protein and other nutrients that can help the health of your eyes, muscles and bones. Despite all these benefits, have had a bad reputation for years, largely […]

Wine Shop at Vroman’s Bookshop – NBC Los Angeles

What to Know The 1894 Wine Bar at Vroman Book Shop 695 E. Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena February 10 opening The cafes and shops are a very conscious and familiar book that even butter and jelly, let alone bacon & eggs, may feel threatened. You could even put a cafe and books on the most […]