First human infection in China, H3N8 bird flu | Reuters

On April 26, the National Health Commission of China announced that the transmission of H3N8 avian influenza to humans was confirmed for the first time. The photo was taken in Hong Kong in April 2013 (2022 Reuters / Bobby Yip) [Beijing, 26th Reuters]–The China National Health and Health Commission announced on the 26th that the […]

VIDEO – Rebellion against containment in Shanghai: China fears a domino effect

For some Shanghai residents, the strict confinement imposed by the government for nearly two weeks has turned into torture. An elderly lady was filmed by her neighbors in the process of letting out a resounding cry, while she was forcibly transported from her home by the health authorities after being tested positive for Covid-19. Earlier […]

Tesla Shanghai Factory Reopens on 18th = Related Sources | Reuters

US EV giant Tesla is preparing to reopen its Shanghai plant in China, which has been suspended for three weeks, on the 18th of the week with the permission of local authorities. Two people involved said on condition of anonymity. Photo taken at Tesla’s Shanghai plant in January 2020 (2022 Reuters / Aly Song) [Shanghai, […]

Spain: when horses cross fire to ward off epidemics (video)

It is an ancestral tradition. Full gallop, a horse emerges from the darkness and crosses the flames without slowing down. In the Spanish village of San Bartolomé de Pinares, every night from January 16 to 17, horses rush into fires to ward off epidemics, a ancestral tradition. Under the pallor of an almost full moon, […]

Angle: China’s Zero-COVID policy is in dire straits, early success “Ada” | Reuters

[Shanghai, 17th Reuters]–China is strengthening its “Zero Corona Strategy” to thoroughly contain the infection of the new coronavirus. The authorities say that the Omicron mutants, which are currently the mainstream epidemic, may be relatively weak in toxicity, but are not a reason to loosen their defenses against infection. However, lockdown (city blockage) has entered its […]