first failure in a pseudo-campaign

(Solidaires 21) Zemmour in Dijon: first failure in a pseudo-campaign Union Syndicale Solidaires 21 6 bis, rue Pierre Curie 21000 DIJON Tel 03 80 38 17 33 MEDIATHEQUE Contact us Union Syndicale Solidaires 31 rue de la Grange aux Belles – 75 010 Paris phone: 01 58 39 30 20 – fax: 01 43 67 […]

Live sexist violence in the first person through theater

It is not the same to hear it from outside than to experience it in the first person. It has more impact if the aggression is against oneself, if the injustice is towards a loved one or if the life with which the violence ends is that of someone close. For this reason, from Hortzmuga […]

Cologne mentoring program: This is how companies want to get women into management positions

Cologne – 25 high-ranking representatives of large Cologne companies and Lord Mayor Henriette Reker have confirmed their commitment to gender parity by signing a joint “Cologne Declaration”. The occasion was the five-year existence of the alliance “With women in leadership”, which was celebrated with a virtual meeting. The alliance includes the city of Cologne, WDR, […]

aid for business creation

06/10/2021 Business and employer support Cap Métiers is continuing its publication of a summary table of legal measures in its Pro collection with the one devoted to aid for business creation. The table shows the arrangements for assistance to business creators or buyers (ACRE), assistance for the takeover or creation of a business (ARCE), leave […]

Castelló will only sign loans with banks that have an equality plan

Interested financial entities must accredit this equality plan by means of a responsible statement together with the offer. This was recently approved by the Local Government Board. “We are moving steadily on the path towards real equality, involving the companies and entities that work with the City Council,” explains the mayor of Castelló, Amparo Marco. […]

KrF-nestor: We must accept the current abortion law

Now KrF’s central board member and outgoing parliamentary representative from Agder throws a torch into the debate on how KrF should rise again. Abortion policy must be under scrutiny. – I think the party must say that we must accept the law that is today, Bransdal says to Vårt Land. – Must show that we […]

Against Macron, we will defend unemployment insurance until the end!

The government released its draft new decree reforming unemployment insurance at the end of last week. No surprise, it is the same text as the one that was suspended by the Council of State last June. Raising of the thresholds (from 4 to 6 months), reform of the daily reference wage reducing intermittent employment of […]