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For now, YouTube is only available to users in India. At the end of June, the authorities of this country blocked TikTok Фото: Toby Melville / Reuters Video hosting YouTube has launched a short video service YouTube Shorts. YouTube announced this in its official blog. The new service, like TikTok, can shoot 15-second videos, which […]

Thibaut Pinot statements, stage 8 of the Tour de France 2020 – Cycling – Sports

Thibaut Pinot, who carried on his shoulders the weight of French hopes in the 2020 Tour, this Saturday suffered a fainting that deprives him of options for success and assured that after signing “another failure” he begins to consider his future. “My career enters a new stage today, there are already too many failures”, assured […]

“I want to make dance even more musical”

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Because of the Pandemic, WIKA Beton Remodeled a Massive Target

JAKARTA, – PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk or WIKA Beton made a major revision of the company’s target in the predetermined ideal year. Director of Finance, Human Capital and Risk Management of WIKA Beton Imam Sudiyono said the revision of the company’s performance target must be carried out as part of the impact of […]

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Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS The digital company Yandex has launched a new application, Yandex Go, designed to solve everyday problems in the city. This is reported on her website. Yandex Go will replace the Yandex.Taxi application, and will also add the company’s application for using Yandex.Drive car sharing and the schedule of ground transport […]