Coronavirus: India towards vaccine launch on August 15 – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 07 – India plans to have a vaccine against Covid-19 for August 15: the information, contained in a filtered letter last Friday through Twitter, sparked criticism and skepticism from the community international scientific, according to which there could hardly be the time necessary for clinical trials. The Indian Academy of Sciences […]

US Senate approves sanctions against China over Hong Kong :: Politics :: RBC

The US Senate passed a bill on sanctions against China in connection with the law on ensuring national security in Hong Kong. It is reported by USA Today. The document provides for sanctions for banks and companies that deal with Chinese officials related to the extension of the National Security Act to Hong Kong. It […]

Owner of Pizza Hut and Wendy’s franchises declares bankruptcy | Chronicle

The CEO and President of NPC’s Pizza Hut division, Jon Weber, He informed that he requested, through a statement, bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 of the American Bankruptcy Law, against the damages caused by the coronavirus. “We intend to use this process to continue evaluating and optimizing our restaurant portfolio so that we are better […]

Amazon will remove the series on the universe of video games Fallout – RBC

Amazon will remove the series on the universe of video games Fallout RBC The creators of “Wild West World” will remove the series on Fallout Meduza Wild West creators working on Fallout series for Amazon Gambling Amazon Fallout teaser | News World of fiction and fantasy Amazon, Bethesda, and Wild West creators team up to […]

Thales Alenia Space, Copernicus tranche 1.8 billion – Last Hour scheduled

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 02 – Thales Alenia Space has been chosen by ESA, in coordination and with the agreement of the European Commission for the main missions of the Copernicus program, the satellite earth observation program, for monitoring the environment, disaster assessment and other important applications. The Italian-French joint venture (67% of Thales and […]

What happened in a day. RBC Main News :: Society :: RBC

The Russians extended the ban on international flights A month ago, the Federal Air Transport Agency proposed to partially resume international flights from July 15. Now these plans are being put off. The agency decided to extend the ban on entry into Russia of foreign citizens until the end of the month. “Until 23:59 local […]

Fitness clubs decided to make online training a new source of income :: Business :: RBC

They are also planning to develop the direction of online training in the network of clubs OrangeFitness and CityFitness. The company is working on issues of monetization (previously classes were only free), the quality of content, and ensuring the club’s copyright, because it is confident that the direction will become the trend of the coming […]