Covid: Sebastiani (Cnr), all the growing curves – Physics & Mathematics

I am growing in Italy all curves relative all’epidemia di Covid-19, including that of deaths. This is indicated by the analysis of the mathematician Giovanni Sebastiani, of the Institute for the Applications of Computing ‘M. Picon’, of the National Research Council (Cnr). “As noted last week, from 12-14 days ago there has been a growth […]

Venus is farthest from the sun today

(MENAFN- Youm7) The planet Venus reaches today, Sunday, October 3, 2021, the farthest point from the Sun (the apogee) at a distance of 0.73 astronomical units (109,206,446 km) during the planet’s orbit around the Sun, which takes 225 days to complete one revolution around it. The Jeddah Astronomical Society revealed in a report that the […]

“My husband was an angel, until he raped me” – More Regions – International

Women in Egypt are determined to break the wall of silence that surrounds sexual abuse. His new target is marital rape, a subject that until recently has been taboo. Attention: this article contains the description of episodes of sexual violence. Safaa, 34, was raped by her husband on their wedding night. The assault caused injuries […]

New Era 39THIRTY Cap Gray Pop Chicago Bulls grey, 25,90 €

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that’s what Miami was like when the Champlain Towers was built

In November 1981, weeks after the opening of the Champlain Towers South building that collapsed yesterday in South Florida, Time magazine published a cover story putting the death certificate to the dream of a peaceful and sunny Miami, away from the problems of the world. The cover showed a map of Florida with the southern […]

How was the Nazi underground town that Hitler built for an invasion that did not come

History knows her as the “Atlantic Wall” and it is nothing other than “The Nazi underground town”, one of the largest infrastructures of the last century that the German regime built in record time in Europe during the Second World War. Adolf Hitler’s idea was to prevent a possible Allied invasion from Great Britain, and […]

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Make it clear that you believe the Raiders can top the AFC West, make it through the Playoffs and bring home the Super Bowl by stepping out in an official New Era Las Vegas Raiders Tonal Team 9FIFTY Stretch Snap cap. Rendered in a tonal grey colourway, the full, structured crown benefits from integrated Stretch […]

Dongxing Securities: Mango SuperMedia has entered the self-made 2.0 era, and has established advantages in self-made variety show content_剧集

Original title: Dongxing Securities: Mango SuperMedia has entered the self-made 2.0 era, and has established advantages in self-made variety show content Source: Dongxing Securities Research Institute Summary of this article Self-made content has become the absolute strategic focus of video websites, and Mango SuperMedia has entered the self-made 2.0 era.Self-made content can help video websites […]