Interest rate rise fears increase demand for fixed rates | real estate

The residential real estate market remains very dynamic in Portugal, despite high prices and the increase in interest rates by the European Central Bank (ECB), which, in turn, are “pushing” Euribor rates to 10-year highs. . This Wednesday, the day on which the first increase in central bank rates in 11 years took effect, of […]

“Easy money is gone”. How much can Euribor rates go up?

The hikes will not stop there, as the European Central Bank (ECB) is also expected to raise rates, which this Thursday announced an increase in interest rates by 50 basis points – the first increase in 11 years. and the most intense since 2000. This trend is expected to continue in the coming months, as […]

Euribor rates rise again to 10-year highs | Housing

The effect of the more expressive than expected rise in the European Central Bank (ECB) key rates was not yet fully discounted in the interbank market, where Euribor rates are set daily. Thus, despite the rises in recent days, the rates that serve as the basis for housing loans rose again, reaching maximums of eight […]

Fixed or variable mortgage? What is better now that the Euribor is shot?

The OCU proposes three scenarios depending on how interest rates evolve in the coming years The escalation of the Euribor in the last year has made the choice between a fixed-rate or a variable-rate mortgage loan a little more complicated. The indicator, which is used to calculate the interest at which mortgage money is paid, […]

Fixed or variable mortgage? OCU proposes different scenarios

The Euribor has gone from -0.484% (June 2021) to 0.852% (June 2022) in 12 months, increasing the cost of a mortgage with an outstanding capital of 100,000 euros by 708 euros per year. Does this mean that it is no longer advisable to take out a variable-rate mortgage? Well, it depends on the rates set […]

Eight out of 10 only pay for a house after retirement – Economy

Eight out of 10 Portuguese will only finish paying off the home loan after retirement, in a period of life when income is lower. A situation that led the Bank of Portugal (BdP) to limit the duration of loans this year according to the age of the creditor. More than 76% of the Portuguese will […]

The Euribor calms down daily but June will have the biggest annual jump since 2006

The increase in financial burden of households with variable mortgage It will be the largest since the real estate boom registered more than fifteen years ago. The increase in mortgage payments due to the rise in 12-month Euriborthe benchmark for three out of four home loans, will rise to 130 points, the largest year-on-year difference […]

Real estate companies and specialists ward off bubble risk – Imobiliário

Despite the sharp rises in housing market prices, the recent rise in interest rates and the Euribor rate, in addition to rising inflation – which accentuates the loss of household purchasing power – real estate companies and sector specialists in the short and medium term the bubble scenario in the sector. Especially in the luxury […]

Euribor rise again makes appetizing savings certificates – Markets

The rise in the three-month Euribor due to the increase in interest rates in the Eurozone has the potential to increase the appetite for savings products, which had been dormant until then, due to the lack of appeal caused by interest rates remaining at historic lows. “Theoretically, the rise in interest rates helps to remunerate […]

The resurrection of the Euribor triggers fixed-rate mortgages

Since it closed in January 2016 at -0.042%, the Euribor has remained in negative values ​​for 62 consecutive months until last April. The interest rate at which the different European banks lend money to each other, and which is also the one used to calculate the mortgages referenced by this indicator, the variables, has turned […]