China’s central bank decides to make relief for banks

Headquarters of the Chinese central bank The monetary authorities want to ensure the stability of the world’s second largest economy. (Photo: Reuters) Peking To stimulate the economy, the Chinese central bank is again giving the financial institutions more leeway for lending. Visited for the second time this year, it lowered the amount that banks have […]

What are the loans Kicillof announced for indebted women like?

Governor Axel Kicillof presented the program “Desendeudadas” It consists of a loan so that women heads of households can pay off debts they contracted during the pandemic, in up to 60 installments and with a 9% rate. The refinancing plan, which will be included in the 2022 Budget that will soon enter the Buenos Aires […]

How long does it take to report to the Credit Bureau?

Many people fail to meet the Payments his financial commitments as agreed when hiring them, for various reasons such as unforeseen, emergencies or simply because they do not know how much their payment capacity and with it the debt begins to spiral out of control. In those moments a doubt usually invades the accredited defaulters […]

Fake loans online, how to detect them according to Condusef

Although the social networks offer many advantages, it is also one of the main means by which they are usually committed scams fraudsters take advantage of what little knowledge some people have of them. In the same way, financial services, such as false loans or credits through the internet, have become the most popular form […]

Lufthansa is paying back federal loans and deposits early

In view of the early repayment of all federal loans and deposits by Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier explains: “Our instruments work and provide the right incentives for a quick return to independence. The economic stabilization fund supported Lufthansa during the coronavirus pandemic and thus functioned as a crisis instrument. “ […]

Evergrande competitor Kaisa sends SOS – economy –

9.11.2021 13:20 (Akt. 9.11.2021 13:20) China’s housing giants are groaning under a mountain of debt ©APA/AFP In China, another real estate developer is sounding the alarm about impending liquidity bottlenecks. Evergrande rival Kaisa has asked investors and banks to defer payments. In addition, the Fitsch rating agency downgraded Kaisa’s credit rating to junk level on […]

Konfío, with financing to boost credit card supply

Drafting Mexico City / 08.11.2021 12:54:01 The business loan company, Konfío, obtained a new line of financing for $ 80 million to support the growth of the company’s credit card accounts receivable fintech and other new products. In a statement, it specified that the financing was obtained by Community Investment Management (CIM), a global impact […]