MoF invites to participate in the public discussion of the draft EU funds operational program for 2021-2027 – Branches – Financenet

“We plan to discuss the new EU funds operational program in the government later this year. Until then, we need to find out the views of project implementers, society, social and cooperation partners, given that the new EU funds operational program is an important investment platform for innovation and green technologies, “emphasizes Minister of Finance […]

“The Government supports the Barranquilla proposal for now”: Ernesto Lucena

It has been one of the protagonists in the era of the pandemic. Ernesto Lucena, Minister of Sports, has figured quite a bit in the midst of the bickering around the biosafety protocol and the entire process of restarting Colombian professional football. In dialogue with EL HERALDO, the minister referred to the burning issues of […]

New lifeguard for Colombians with debts in banks –

New lifeguard for Colombians with debts in banks Abecé of the second round of reliefs for financial debtors El Tiempo New measures to relieve bank debtors in Colombia Free way to new grace periods for the payment of debts LA RAZÓN.CO Keys to the second round of relief to financial debtors EL TIEMPO […]

The mess of the alleged US $ 300 thousand from the Venezuelan Oswaldo Cisneros to the CD

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the Oswaldo Cisneros’ apparent donation of US $ 300,000, a family member and partner of the Venezuelan magnate Gustavo Cisneros, to the 2018 campaign of President Iván Duque. However, the Central Democratic Party affirmed this Wednesday in a statement that the statement made in the last hours by the director of […]

ECB relaxes rating rules for bonds

Dhe European Central Bank (ECB) has fleshed out its new, more relaxed rules for collateral for credit transactions. As a result, securities from peripheral European countries tended to be slightly closer to the federal bond (“spreads”) on the bond market, without analysts saying that it was not clear how closely the ECB decision was related. […]